Foods That Are Perfect For Your Grill: What To Cook On It?
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Given the pleasant weather at the onset of winters, there’s hardly a reason why you shouldn’t get, set and grill. A grill, for the unversed, makes use of direct or radiant heat that is supplied from above to cook the food. Since the heat is high in temperature, all kinds of foods cannot be grilled. Some foods that are soft and mushy, lacking a firm texture, like tomatoes, tend to get burnt on a grill.

While a lot of meats and vegetables are commonly cooked on a grill, this does not mean everything in your kitchen pantry is ideal for grilling. Meats like chicken, lamb etc. are perfect for being charred and grilled. However, something like pork chops, which are inherently dry and lean, tend to cook pretty quickly and there is hardly any time for them to acquire a delicious crust. It is better to cook them in an oven. 

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If you’re planning a barbeque night at home, these are all the foods that should be on your grill menu. 

1.  Tofu 

Apart from being a great vegan substitute, tofu is also a good option for grilling. The firm texture of diced pieces of tofu help it to handle the strong heat. Marinated in garlic, sesame oil, fresh herbs and more, tofu acquires the smokiness and char of the grill and will easily melt in your mouth once taken off from the heat. 

2.  Chicken 

is covered in a light marinade and grilled till the char marks appear on both sides of the fillet. Other delicate fish are best avoided on a grill since fish tends to cook really quickly generally. In case you wish to grill delicate fish, it is best to wrap them in foil before grilling. 

5.  Lamb

A hearty red meat , with loads of rich flavours packed in it, grilled lamb is delicious treat. Lamb chops are often grilled after being marinated in garlic, cumin, rosemary and pepper. The lamb loin, legs and ribs are the ideal cuts that should be grilled. Preheating the grilling and setting it to the right temperature allows the lamb to become tender and just the right amount of juicy.