Foodies, Tried Madhya Pradesh’s Street Food Yet?
Image Credit: Bhutte Ka Kees

From spirituality to adventure, from busy markets to scrumptious food, Madhya Pradesh has so much to offer. This region is known as India’s heart not just because of its location but for its mesmerizing historical monuments and gastronomic adventures. The food in MP is so delicious that it can leave you drooling. We are not only talking about the main course dishes but the street food as well. Wanna have a sneak peek into the street food of Madhya Pradesh? Have a look. 


Though poha originally originates from Maharashtra, the one served in MP is quite popular. Made with tomatoes, onion, and potato, the poha here is topped with namkeen, coriander, and lemon juice. Not only it is the most consumed street food, but a perfect breakfast option often paired with a cup of tea.

Bhutte Ka Kees

This is a typical MP street food made with grated corn, spices, and a dash of milk. Some also sizzle it with mustard seeds and green chilies to elevate its taste. If you are looking to have bhutte ka kees in Madhya Pradesh, visit Indore and have the best experience. 

Biryani Pilaf

Is this really a street food? Yes, it is. Biryani Pilaf is commonly sold on streets in many places of the state and people absolutely love it. This biryani is usually served with zarda loaded with the goodness of nuts. This not only is much-loved street food but is the perfect main course dish to be served for lunch as well as dinner.

Seekh Kebab

Madhya Pradesh is heaven for non-vegetarians. Many don’t know that the food of MP is very much influenced by Mughal cuisine. And to our list, seekh kebabs are the new addition. Seekh kebabs are minced meat wrapped around a seekh and cooked on coal to perfection. Bhopal is famous for serving the most delicious seekh kebabs that all meat-eaters should try at least once. 

Mawa Bati

Looks quite similar to gulab jamun, mawa bati is a special dessert found only in Madhya Pradesh. Mawa bati is not just sold on the streets but in restaurants and sweet shops as well. Made up of mawa, these are small balls loaded with dry fruits and deep-fried. Then, they are soaked in sugar syrup and served with coconut grated on the top.

So, if you just love exploring the street food in different parts of the country, Madhya Pradesh should be your next destination. Do let us know about your experience.