Your Guide To Coimbatore's Street Food
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A moderate climate and its proximity to beautiful temples makes Coimbatore a sought-after destination. Besides these, the city also has a rich cuisine that reflects the diversity of the people that reside there. Be it North Indian chaat or traditional snacks from Tamil Nadu, Coimbatore is home to some tasty street food. If you’re in the city, we recommend trying these six street foods at selected stalls and hole-in-the-wall restaurants:


Especially popular for breakfast, dosa is served at street stalls across Coimbatore. Best enjoyed with steaming hot sambhar and coconut chutney, dosa in the city comes in many varieties like podi, onion, tomato and even kaalan (mushroom). Find dosa vendors along TK Street or try the ones at Thala Thalapathy Dosa Shop in Lakshmi Mills.

Source: iStock