"Check expiry date before eating" is one such quote used in every household or family. Do you buy in bulk? We know that it's time-saving and pocket-friendly, but this often results in wastage. Several foods expire after some time as they don't have a high shelf life. But are you aware of foods that have a long shelf life if stored properly? Nonetheless, they can also be used as a staple in times of emergencies and shortages. So let's know about some such foods today, which can be used for a long time as they don't expire. 


You can easily store rajma, chole, arhar dal, urad dal etc., at home and cook, eat them anytime. Since pulses have no expiry date and are also rich in nutrients, you can easily include them in your daily diet. But to keep them safe, it is necessary to keep showing them sunlight from time to time so that moisture and insects do not get in them. 


Honey, which is considered a medicinal sweetener, has no expiry date. Honey, one of the healthy food substances, is regarded as the best in detoxifying the body, maintaining proper digestion and giving energy. Moreover, since honey does not spoil, you can store it at home. 


You can use the salt in your kitchen comfortably, i.e. without any hassle. But while storing it, you need to take special care of one thing: to protect it from dampness. For this, you should keep salt in an airtight container. 


You can also keep sugar in stock. But while storing, you need to keep it away from dampness and insects. If sugar is left open, ants go into it quickly; therefore, its storage needs special attention. 


Rice can also be easily stored at home. However, if rice is in high quantity, there is a fear of mites and insects. Hence, to keep it safe, dry neem leaves can be added to them.