Food Bloggers Share Guide For Vegan And Vegetarian Travellers

If you are a vegan or vegetarian globetrotter, you know the struggles of travelling abroad. Among 195 countries in the world, most have limited options for people who prefer a meatless diet. They either get salads or have to make do with a few options in soups and stews. The hunt for a comfort meal without a shred of meat or dairy in sight hampers the travelling experience, no matter how breathtaking the destination might be.

According to a Statista report, 24% and 9% of the Indian population are vegetarian and vegan, respectively. A few reports suggest at least 20% of people around the world (a huge number considering the world population in 2024 stands at more than 8 billion) are vegetarians, either by choice or necessity. 

While the struggle is real, you cannot let your dietary preference become a hurdle in your way of exploring the world. Slurrp connected with vegan and vegetarian food bloggers and travellers to bring you a few hack tips and tricks that can improve your travelling experience and reduce the hassle of finding vegan and vegetarian food options, irrespective of the country you are flying to.

Travel In Groups

Animesh (@the_messy_vegetarian_foodie) is a food blogger from Lucknow who suggests travelling in groups. He pointed out that when a group travels, the tour guide ensures that their dietary preferences are met, and hence, they prepare the itinerary like that. For example, one can find Jain food that includes lacto-vegetarian items and excludes underground and root vegetables has become quite popular around the world because many people in the community prefer to travel in groups. 

Use Food Applications 

Prajakti Desai (@prajaktidesai), a vegan food blogger from Bengaluru, and Osheen Bansal (@haqqsefoodies), a Delhi-based food blogger, use applications on their phones to find all the eateries in the vicinity with vegan or vegetarian dishes listed on their menu. It’s a hassle-free task that can prepare you beforehand and improve your culinary experience in a foreign country. So, make sure you take the time out to prepare well before you depart for your next adventure.

Carry Fruits And Homemade Protein Bars

Only a vegan person can tell you how to make your trip abroad memorable without exploring your favourite spots with a hungry stomach. Prajakti Desai suggests reaching out to friends and family who are settled near your destination and can recommend good places to eat. They can tell you honestly which places are worth trying. You should also stock up on regional fruits, vegan bread, and plant-based dips and snacks. They can come in handy when you cannot find any food joint around you that can cater to your dietary preferences. She also carries homemade protein bars to beat hunger pangs.

Request Customised Meals

Osheen Bansal and Prajakti Desai ask fellow vegan and vegetarian travellers to request chefs at restaurants to prepare customised meals. While most eateries have a set menu, many go out of their way to impress customers and consider requests for vegan and vegetarian meals. You can always do prior research to ensure you know which eateries and restaurants to head to, but even otherwise, you will never know if you don’t ask. 

Conduct Thorough Research

Research is the one and only option to prepare for your trip in advance and find spots that you can visit to satiate your hunger on foreign soil. Osheen Bansal, Prajakti Desai, and Animesh suggest researching your destinations, food joints, and vegan-vegetarian options available in the local cuisine. Since the advent of the internet, it has been easy to type your query and a whole list will be displayed on the screen.