5 Easy Steps To Achieve Restaurant-Style Crispy Corn At Home
Image Credit: Corn | Image Credit: Freepik.com

Be it spring or monsoon, you relish anything crispy, crunchy, and delectable. Crispy corn tops the list of common snacks enjoyed in all seasons. You must have ordered crispy corn many times you visited restaurants. But you regret it when you make the dish at home either because the corn becomes soggy or you end up burning it to make it crunchy.   

As the name suggests, crispy corn is made from corn kernels, which are coated in a crispy, golden batter, making the dish full of texture with every bite. Crispy corn is enjoyed as an appetiser, a side dish, or a late-movie-night snacking option. It is often served with dips or sauces. Besides being tasty, it also provides nutrients to the body. If you’re someone who is trying their best to make crispy corn at home and failing a repeated number of times, then you must follow some of the tips that help you achieve restaurant-style crispy corn.   

Here are a few tips you should keep in mind while making the dish:   

  • Use Fresh Corns  

Grab a hold of fresh corn kernels if you want to achieve restaurant-style crispy corn. It is important to note that fresh corn provides the best flavour and texture needed for this delicious and satisfying snack. Unlike canned or frozen corn, fresh corn kernels exhibit natural sweetness and crunch that elevates the overall taste and texture of the dish. Besides frying fresh corn, the kernels maintain their firmness to develop a crispy exterior while maintaining a tender interior. Fresh corn kernels absorb less moisture compared to canned or frozen ones. Moreover, the vibrant colour and freshness of the corn also contribute to the visual appeal.   

  • Coat Corn With Cornflour Or Cornstarch  

Coating the corn kernels with corn flour or cornstarch is a crucial part of achieving restaurant-style crispy corn at home. This is a simple yet effective step that creates a light and crunchy outer layer that perfectly complements the sweet juiciness of the corn. The cornflour or cornstarch sticks to the surface of the corn kernels, forming a thin layer that becomes crispy when fried. Besides, the coating acts as a barrier, sealing in the moisture of the corn and offering a delightful crunch. Corn flour or cornstarch even helps distribute the heat during frying, ensuring that the corn cooks uniformly and achieves the golden-brown exterior of the restaurant style.   

  • Preheat The Oil  

It is important to heat the oil to the correct temperature before adding the corn kernels. This will ensure that the corn fries quickly and evenly. The hot oil creates a rapid heat transfer, enabling the moisture inside the corn kernels to evaporate rapidly and creating a crispy exterior. Additionally, the high temperature helps to seal the outer layer of the corn, preventing it from becoming soggy.   

  • Fry In Batches  

To achieve a perfect restaurant-style crispy corn at home, fry the corn in small batches so that each kernel gets ample space to fry evenly and develop a crisp exterior. Overcrowding the pan with corn kernels can lead to even cooking, resulting in some of them becoming overcooked while some remaining soggy. Also, frying in small batches helps to maintain the temperature of the oil. This ensures that the oil is hot enough to properly fry the corn without dropping too much in temperature. Consistent high heat is essential for achieving a crispy texture. Small batches also help you to have control over the frying process, preventing the corn from clumping together.  

  • Season Immediately   

Seasoning immediately is a key step after frying the corn kernels. This action makes sure that the hot, freshly fried corn kernels readily absorb the seasonings, allowing the flavours to penetrate through the crispy coating. Besides, the spices stick to the surface better when seasoned immediately after frying, resulting in a more flavourful and aromatic dish.