Palak Corn Creamy Curry: Sweet Corn Simmered in Spinach Curry
Image Credit: Palak Corn Creamy Curry

Even the most popular cartoon character, Popeye, cannot convince the kids to eat spinach. Therefore sweetcorn has come to the rescue. Sweet Corn and Spinach are a wonderful, classic morsel. Fresh Spinach and Sweet Corn is united to make the thick, gravy meal known as Palak Corn Curry, that culminates into a mouth-watering treat. A nutritious and equally delicious Curry of blanched spinach and boiled sweet corn kernels simmered in the dollops of desi ghee and masala mix. The sweetness of the corn kernels and the silky smoothness of the spinach puree are combined in the delightful and simple dish known as palak corn. It's an easy, healthful approach to include some greens in your meal plan. Because kids do not wilfully consume the greens, you must prepare this delish.

In Hindi, spinach is referred to as palak and maize is known as makai, hence this meal is aka Makai Palak. These 2 ingredients are used in a traditional Punjabi Cuisine. It goes well with traditional Indian side dishes because it is delightfully creamy and only barely spiced.Although maize is typically yellow, it can also be green, red, or white. Although many people think of maize as a vegetable, it is actually a fruit and a grain. Outside of the United States, most nations refer to corn as maize. The Taino word for "provider of life" or "holy mother" is maize.

Prep time – 20 minutes

Cooking time – 30 minutes

Serving – 4


For Masala Paste:

    1/3 cup Onion, chopped

    ½ cup Tomatoes, chopped

    1-inch Ginger

    4 Garlic Cloves

    2 Green Chillies

    2 tbsp Cashews

    ½ tbsp Melon Seeds

For Spinach Corn Curry:

    1 bunch Spinach, fresh 

    Water, as needed

    2 cups Corn Kernels

    1 tsp Cumin Seeds

    1 pinch Turmeric Powder

    ¼ tsp Red Chilli Powder

    ½ tsp Dried Fenugreek Leaves (Kasuri Methi), freshly crushed

    1 pinch Asafoetida

    ½ tsp Garam Masala

    ¼ cup Light Cream

    3 tbsp Ghee/Butter/Oil

    ½ cup Ginger Juliennes – to garnish


    In a grinder, combine all the Masala Paste Ingredients. Blend well to form a smooth paste. Add little water, if needed. Keep aside.

    Steam or boil the corn kernels. Drain the water. Set aside.

For Spinach Puree:

    Wash, cleanse and rinse the spinach very well with water.

    Heat water in a pot along with some salt. Let the salt water boil. 

    Now, turn off the heat and instantly add  the spinach leaves into the extremely hot water for blanching.

    Soak for 3 minutes and then transfer the spinach into a bowl containing ice water. Let rest for 3 minutes again.

    Drain the water and move the blanched spinach into the grinder. 

    Blend the spinach with a little water to form a smooth puree. Keep aside.

For Corn Palak:

    Heat dollops of desi ghee in a heavy-bottomed pan.

    Add cumin seeds. Let them crackle, turn brown and scentful.

    Now, add masala paste and sauté well.

    Add in the spices – red chilli powder, turmeric, asafoetida, and garam masala. Mix thoroughly.

    Stir continuously for a few minutes. 

    Once the colour changes and the paste has thickened, add spinach puree. Combine everything well

    Add water to adjust the consistency and season with salt as per taste. Cook the curry over reduced heat for 8 minutes.

    Add boiled kernels and let simmer for 2 minutes.

    Beat the cream until airy and fluffy using a whisker.

    Now, combine the cream with the spinach and corn curry followed by the dried fenugreek leaves.

    Keep stirring gently for 2 minutes. Cover and let rest for 2 minutes.

    Decorate with ginger juliennes and serve hot!

Get ready to dig in the most flavourful, creamy, velvety and savoury bowl filled with Palak Corn Creamy Curry! Serve it along with garlic bread, naans or rotis.