Pick The Right Kind Of Deep-Fryer For Your Kitchen
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Deep-frying, more than a technique, is an art form only the seasoned cooks have managed to master in the kitchen. From French fries to fried chicken to samosas, frying food contributes texture and enhances flavour of the food. However, irrespective of whether you are a seasoned cook or a habitual fryer, buying kitchen equipment costs a lot of money and takes a lot of effort to maintain. Like it is implied with the purchase of other kitchen appliances, it is imperative to know that the kind of appliance you invest in should suit your cooking requirements as well as not have you rack your brain too much in order to operate it.

As is the case with any deep-fryer, both, Dutch ovens and electric fryers are touted to be some of the best appliances you can own that ensure your deep-fried food is golden-brown and crunchy; more importantly, cooked through evenly without any burnt spots. That being said, investing in an electric fryer is great for those who find themselves frequently doling out batches of fried food as opposed to using a deep Dutch oven which is capable of holding a larger quantity of oil as well as retaining heat for those who don’t find themselves frying food that often.

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On the topic of heat, an electric fryer facilitates temperature control rather effortlessly in the event that you want to switch between higher and lower temperatures. A Dutch oven is also perfect for flash frying food items like tempura or root vegetable chips, which do not need a lot of cook time in the hot oil. Even in terms of capacity, using a Dutch oven allows you to control the amount of fat you’d like to use to create a dish as opposed to an electric fryer where the oil needs to be at a certain level for you to be able to achieve desired results.

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If you operate from a tiny kitchen, a Dutch oven offers space efficiency unlike an electric fryer which would need to be stored in a separate drawer or shelf. However, as a novice to frying food, an electric fryer ensures that your kitchen counter remains splatter-free and free of oil stains unlike a Dutch oven where a mess is inevitable if ignored or overlooked for a few seconds. An electric fryer also has the capacity to filter and store oil whereas a Dutch oven requires you to manually undergo the process to store or discard used oil.