Tips to Reduce Oil Absorption While Deep Frying
Image Credit: Deep fried snack (Picture Courtesy: Pixabay)

We understand that fighting the temptation to have deep-fried snacks and fritters is tough and we mostly give in to this feeling only to later feel guilty of doing that. Can you blame the bliss that you experience post-relishing those crispy and crunchy appetizers? We certainly can’t. Then, what do we do to avoid letting the deep-fried snacks ruin our diet plans? Can you think of anything? We can. You just need to tweak your cooking style a bit to minimize the absorption of oil in your snacks and you are good to create a significant impact on your diet plan. Here’s what you need to do.

Opting For a Clean Pan is The First Step

Frying those chips or pakodas in a clean iron pan will reduce oil absorption by the edibles. Thinking how? Well, when you use a utensil with deposits at the bottom, not only flavors of the food fried in it get spoiled but the accumulated coating also makes frying difficult thus leading to more absorption of oil. 

Coat Wisely

Coating your snacks with breadcrumbs or oats flour can lead to too much absorption of oil. This can increase your calorie count. Reducing it needs a change in the coating. Opt for a thin batter made of rice flour or cornflour. The presence of gluten in them can help in binding the snacks and reducing oil content in them. 

Semi-Boil Foods Before Frying

Parboiling meat and veggies before deep-frying not only saves time but also reduces oil absorption. This process also makes snacks less greasy.

Keep Paper Towel Handy

One of the easiest ways to prevent too much oil absorption is to wipe the oil with a paper towel post frying.