FIFA 2022: Cheering Up For Netherlands? See Some Dutch Food
Image Credit: Bitterballen

FIFA World Cup 2022 is going on in Qatar and football lovers are thrilled. Watching our favourite team striking the highest goals, with our friends and with some mouth-watering snacks, is the best feeling in the world. As Netherlands and Argentina will be playing in the quarter-finals on Saturday, of course, we are wishing for the best team to win. But if you are cheering for the Netherlands, we are assuming that you would be interested to know about the country's famous dishes.  

If yes, you have come to the right place. Despite being a relatively small country in Northern Europe, the Netherlands has a massive impact on the world, thanks to its historical significance. But not many people know about the traditional food of the Netherlands. Overlooking the tasty delights from the Netherlands is to miss out on some of the most exquisite dishes found in Europe. Dutch cuisine is generally simple and consists of cheeses, meat, bread, and vegetables but it has got a lot more diverse in the last few years. Let us know about traditional food from the Netherlands. PS: Keep cheering! 


These simple and humble Dutch pancakes are small and fluffy yeast treats. Made in a special Poffertjes pan, these can be made with several fillings like chocolate, grated cheese, fruit syrups, and jams. Usually served on paper plates, they are served with dollops of butter and icing sugar.  

Hollandse Nieuwe Haring  

Commonly known as souses herring, Hollandse Nieuwe haring has raw herring cooked in apple cider vinegar and many other spices. It is coated with a preserving liquid and usually paired with onions. Ever tried this? 


If you know British scotch eggs, you are quite close to bitterballen. Generally made with beef, it is a crispy and delicious Dutch snack. It has chopped beef seasoned with spiced and rolled into small balls. Then, these are coated with bread crumbs, deep fried, and make up a lip-smacking Dutch snack. 


One of the most popular pastries Stroopwafel is from the Netherlands. It is rather a unique type of waffle made from baked butter and is placed over a hot cup of tea or coffee. The Stroop is a special sweet and sticky syrup that is filled in between the two thin layers of the waffle. Not only it looks tempting, it tastes delicious.  


This thick split pea soup from the Netherlands is called Erwtensoep. This smokey soup is made with peas cooked with onions, carrots, celery, and meat. Do give it a try whenever you get a chance!!