Feeling Bloated? Try These Easy Tips And Tricks
Image Credit: Detox drinks help in reducing bloating | Unsplash

One of the biggest problems that we tend to face in our weight loss journeys is bloating. Sometimes, even eating right does not help in decreasing bloating and it gives this false impression of weight gain, when that is usually not the case. The problem with bloating is the fact that it can make the efforts of months of disciplined living and eating look like it was not worth it, which can be very demoralising for people on their fitness journeys. So, it is important that we understand what causes bloating, what to avoid and what to eat to reduce bloating and what can we do to prevent it from happening.

Before we begin to talk about how to reduce bloating, let us understand what it actually is and why does bloating happen. A swelling or feeling of fullness in the abdomen is bloating. It is often the unwanted result of gas in the intestines. Some major causes of bloating include many things, like overeating, lactose intolerance, and constipation. Bloating is not just limited to abdomen but can also reflect on your face. It is indeed difficult to navigate through all the causes of bloating, so here are tips for you to try and prevent getting bloated.

1. Chewing and eating your food properly is very important. The thumb rule for chewing food is to swallow it only after it is the consistency of applesauce.

2. Do not eat regularly in front of a screen. Eating slowly and carefully, concentrating on your food is very important as that prevents you from getting distracted and overeating.

3. A lot of times, we do not listen to our bodies and eat at fixed times. This causes the body to revolt, resulting in binge eating whenever we have the next meal. So, make sure that you are feeding your body whenever it demands food and not be extremely rigid with meal timing.

4. Eating at regular intervals throughout the day helps a lot. Eat smaller meals all through the day instead of starving yourself for a long period of time and when you finally do eat, it turns out to be a large meal.

5. Often, we think that eating raw vegetables in the form of salad is healthier. But it is a lesser-known fact that eating raw veggies can actually increase bloating of the body. So, in case you are wondering why do you feel bloated even though you only had a salad, you have your reason. Instead of eating raw vegetables, you can opt for well-cooked vegetables.

Eating raw veggies can cause bloating | Unsplash

6. Do not confuse your body with zero-calorie sweeteners like stevia. Consuming a lot of zero-calorie sweeteners is a major cause of bloating.

7. Mobility is key to reduce bloating. If you feel unnaturally bloated after a meal, take a walk. Brisk walking and being active throughout the day help curb bloating to a great degree.

8. Although eating any heavy meal can cause bloating, depending upon the metabolism of the person, here are some foods that are known to cause it regularly. So, if you feel bloated often avoid eating a lot of beans, kale, dairy products, diet soda and gum – yes, chewing gum.

9. Drink loads of water - there is no alternative to the magic liquid. After a heavy day of eating, have detox water with lemon, mint or cucumber the next day.

So, using these tips, you can prevent bloating without even making huge lifestyle changes. Understand your body and respond to its needs. That will help you maintain it better instead of sticking to firm rules and timings you have set for yourself.