Did you know that coffee is acidic?

Coffee is believed to cause stomach pain. Its acidic nature often leads people to several gastronomical problems like bloating. Especially, if you have a sensitive stomach, you may be more prone to the high acidity of coffee. 

Studies show that coffee stimulates gastrin secretion. Gastrin is a hormone that is responsible for gastric motility and the secretion of acid in the stomach to aids digestion.

Why does coffee lead to bloating?

You drink on an empty stomach: Drinking coffee early in the morning can create intestinal health problems like gas, heartburn, bowel movements, and bloating.

You drink in excessive amounts: Drinking a lot of coffee for a long time can make some existing conditions worse than you may already have. Any symptoms associated with gastritis and reflux can get worse if you drink too much coffee.

You use artificial sweeteners: Many artificial sweeteners in your body go undigested and can cause irritation and bloating. Adding artificial sweeteners can even cause excessive gas production.

You are lactose intolerant: Milk and dairy products contain lactose, a natural sugar that is not easily separated from everyone’s body, causing bloating and gas. So, if you are lactose intolerant and drink coffee with cream or milk, it can result in bloating.

You can substitute cream or milk for soy milk, coconut milk or another non-dairy product.

Caffeine can aggravate stomach acidity and other digestive problems in some people. Consider replacing your usual coffee with green tea for a lighter shot of caffeine.

If you are taking care of all the above-mentioned reasons and still not getting good results, then it is advisable to go to a doctor to treat bloating.