Bottoms Up This Father’s Day With These Cocktail Recipes
Image Credit: iStock, From Moscow Mule to Daiquiri, pick your father's favourite cocktails for this day.

While the mother-child bonding is something that is often talked about, it is the paternal love for the child that doesn’t garner so much attention. Today, you’d find plenty of days to celebrate the different kinds of bonds and relationships in your life. There is Sibling’s day, Mother’s day, Daughter’s day, Friendship day and many others, dedicating almost each of the 365 days to a special someone in your life. This week, as Father’s day is approaching, we celebrate the bond between a father and a child. To surprise your dad and make him feel special on this day, how about making some of his favourite cocktails? 

Begin the day by hosting your dad to a delicious breakfast in bed, take him out for shopping and when you’re back after an outing, head to the bar counter and show your dad some of your amazing bartending skills. Put on a good movie to set the mood for the day  and let his get cozy while you make some aperitifs for him. Does he like the spicy Old Fashioned or a rum Daiquiri? Mix up his favourite spirits just the way he likes and don’t forget to prep some snacks to munch on while binge watching. 

Father’s Day Cocktail Recipes 

1.  Coffee Negroni Cocktail 

This is a delicious concoction that requires some red bitter liqueur, sweet vermouth, dry gin and coffee liqueur. All these ingredients are poured in an old-fashioned glass with some ice cubes. All you have to do it slightly stir the mix and devour the bittersweet taste of this coffee-infused Negroni. Cheese and salty dishes as well as cured meat like ham go well with this cocktail. 

2.  Cranberry Moscow Mule 

Add a slight fruity twist to your regular Moscow Mule with the addition of cranberries. Firstly, you have to make some fresh cranberry juice with sugar and water in a saucepan. Once the cranberries are mushy, you can sieve the juice and let it cool down before making the cocktail. Next, take some vodka, lime juice and cranberry juice in a pitcher and add some ginger beer to it while slowly stirring the concoction. Make sure to pop in ice cubes right before serving so that it doesn’t dilute the taste of the beer. You can pair it with nachos and guacamole. 

3.  Pomegranate Paloma 

A tequila-based drink that works well with Mexican food, Paloma is a delicious cocktail on a hot summer day. Made with pomegranate juice, lime juice and tequila, the rim of the glass is covered in lime juice and kosher salt. Add to the drink some simple syrup and garnish with fresh sprigs of rosemary. This interesting take on grapefruit soda fares well with some tacos or sushi on the side. 

4.  Citrus Sangria 

A refreshing drink during summers, the citrus sangria has a sweet and tart taste. Blood oranges, navel oranges, white grape juice and pink grapefruit are added to the pitcher along with white Sauvignon and Grand Mariner. After refrigerating it for four hours, you’d have a delicious sangria ready to be devoured. Seafood and grilled chicken are great options to pair with this drink. 

5.  Hemmingway Daiquiri 

A large martini glass is what you’d need to serve this drink. It is made by adding old rum, pink grapefruit juice, lime juice, sugar syrup and maraschino liqueur into a glass of crushed ice. This is mixed together for a few seconds after which the drink is strained into another chilled glass. From shrimps to prawns, seafood works well with this aperitif. Even fried chicken is great.