Cranberry Moscow Mule

Cranberry Moscow Mule Recipe

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About Cranberry Moscow Mule Recipe:

The cranberry moscow mule is a crisp and refreshing twist on the classic moscow mule. It's perfectly festive and looks beautiful on a holiday table. This cranberry cocktail is so easy to whip up in large batches because it has so few ingredients. You can also make it single serve just as easy. Using a ginger beer that is high quality will put this cocktail over the top. Make sure you enjoy the taste of the ginger beer before adding it to the rest of the cocktail as sometimes it may be too sweet or too bitter for your preference. You can easily make this cocktail virgin as well by just omitting the vodka. It still tastes delicious and is perfect for young ones and anyone you're expecting during the holidays. We love making homemade cranberry juice with fresh cranberries, sugar, and water. It's simple to make but does add some time because you have to allow the cranberry juice to cool. While it does provide a tarter flavor and a much prettier color than the store-bought stuff, if you are in a pinch, you can easily replace the homemade juice with bottled juice. Just make sure to choose a brand that is full of flavor and is one that you enjoy. We prefer pouring this cocktail to order. Make sure to add ice when you are ready to serve and not before. The ice can dilute the cocktail and take away the magic ginger flavor. Moscow mules traditionally are poured into a copper mug that helps to keep this drink cold. Enjoy these cocktails alongside your holiday breakfast dishes or any other celebration.

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  • 15 mins
  • 5 Ingredients
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Ingredients for Cranberry Moscow Mule Recipe

  • 1/5 Package cranberries
  • 1/10 cup Sugar
  • 1/5 cup Water
  • 0.15 cup Lime juice
  • 1/5 cup Vodka
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  • Vitamin B2
  • Vitamin B3
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B9
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
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  • Zinc

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