Fall In Love With Custard Again With These Yummy Recipes
Image Credit: Source: kitchentales_by_satya/Instagram

Custard is a quick-fix dessert. It has stayed with me as a midnight saviour, an easy-to-make sweet dish to help you tide over sudden guests at home or a royal serve for planned dinners. The good old custard absorbs whatever you do to it. It is so welcoming towards anything you throw in that even the driest fruits seem to soak up its taste and the freshest fruits add to its silky sweetness. Check out these quirky ways to serve custard, besides the usual fruit-dry fruit versions.

Tart Custard

If you’ve got some classic tart that seems too hard, simply crumble it a little and top it off with custard. Remember the custard either must be room temperature or chilled. The crunch and the gooey feel is what gives this combination an edge over regular custard.

The Trifle Custard

Take a large bottom glass that is short. Add some chocolate syrup all over inside and chill it for a while. Next, pour some custard and then top up with some jelly that seems shaky to touch. Further lace this up with a soft piece of vanilla cake. Add some more custard and finish with chocolate chips and chocolate sauce. 

Cake And Cookie Laced Custard

Crush some Oreo cookies roughly and also crumble some cake—any flavour will do. Top this up with custard while finishing up with a whole cookie on top.

Syrupy Custard

The standard custard when served with a combo of maple syrup, chocolate syrup and honey makes for an indulgent dessert you never imagined. Easy yet tempting, this custard style works with even the ones who do not have a sweet tooth.

Custard On The Rocks

Take cereal based chocolate(Crackle, for the simplest way out) and crush them, slightly. Make this a base before adding crumbs of Nice biscuits soaked up in melted butter. Chill this in a mould, before serving, add a dollop of custard and top up with chocolate shreds.

The simple custard is humble but makes the best of desserts when done right and served perfectly. Try one of these innovations to see what works best for your taste and guests.