Fafda In Ahmedabad: History, Varieties, And Best 5 Locations

Gujarati snacks are popular all across the globe, thanks to their simplicity, scrumptious taste, fine texture, and unique preparation method. Fafda is one such Gujarati Farsan loved for its crunch and taste. Deeply ingrained in the culture and traditions of Gujarat especially Ahmedabad, this rectangular-shaped snack plays a central role in preserving and celebrating this culinary heritage. It is a quintessential street food snack and is available in numerous street carts as well as shops across Ahmedabad.

One of the unique aspects of Fafda in Ahmedabad is the way it is served with a variety of accompaniments, particularly jalebi and spicy green chutney. The combination of Fafda-Jalebi is most enjoyed during breakfast and loved not just by Gujaratis but everyone. Starting the day with Fafda and chai is a cherished morning ritual for many in Ahmedabad, known for producing high-quality Fafda. Fafda-making is often considered a traditional family business in Ahmedabad, passed down through generations. Families guard their secret recipes and techniques, ensuring that the craft of making Fafda remains an integral part of their heritage.

History And Relevance Of Fafda On Dussehra 

You can disagree that Fafda and Jalebi are a combination made in heaven. This combination is relished on Dussehra, but have you ever wondered why? During the nine days of Navratri, devotees observe rigorous fast. There is a common belief among people that the fast can only be broken by having something made out of gram flour. This makes Fafda an ideal snack to be consumed on Dussehra. And they are often served with Jalebis because they taste amazing together.

Types Of Fafda

Fafda varieties reflect the culinary diversity and creativity associated with Fafda in Gujarat. Depending on where you are in Gujarat or at a Fafda vendor, you may encounter different types of Fafda, each offering a unique taste and texture. Here are the most popular fafda types you can find.

Traditional Fafda

This is the classic version of Fafda and is most loved. First, gram flour or besan, spices, and water are used to form a dough. The dough is then rolled out into thin sheets and deep-fried until crispy. Traditional Fafda is typically seasoned with spices like ajwain or carom seeds and black pepper.

Methi Fafda

Methi Fafda incorporates dried fenugreek leaves or Kasuri methi into the dough, which imparts a pleasant, mildly bitter flavor and aroma. The fenugreek leaves are usually crushed and mixed into the dough.

Masala Fafda

Masala Fafda is a spicier version of the snack. It includes a blend of spices such as red chili powder, coriander powder, and other seasonings to create a fiery and flavorful Fafda. This is a tasty, crunchy, and flavourful snacking option you can’t miss.

5 Must-Visit Spots To Have Fafda In Ahmedabad

Chandravilas Restaurant

If you want to taste the authentic taste of Jalebi-Fafda, you must visit Chandravilas Restaurant which is Ahmedabad’s oldest eatery. The fafda they serve is soft, and crispy and is made in pure ghee. 


Situated at Ashram Road, this place has been serving the best fafdas for over 40 years now. They also serve a combination of Fafda and jalebi and the taste they offer, has kept people hooked for years.

Iscon Gathiya

Iscon Gathiya is located on the Sarkhej - Gandhinagar Highway and is known for serving the best fafdas in nearby areas. Their fresh fafda is served with delicious chutney and jalebis. This place is a must-try. 

Chetna Ganthiya Rath

When in Ahmedabad, you can’t miss visiting Chetna Ganthiya Rath. They serve scrumptious fafda with a variety of chutney and of course, tasty jalebis. The dishes are prepared fresh and their quality is top-notch.

Gayatri Ganthiya 

Known not just for Ganthiya, Gayatri Ganthiya can be your go-to spot for delicious fafda-jalebi too. They serve fafda and Gathiya with a special chutney which enhances the flavour of the snack.