How To Make Fafda: Tips And Tricks To Perfectly Ace This Popular Gujarati Snack
Image Credit: Picture credits: Instagram Image By @ chaman__chatora

Gujarati cuisine is famous for its beloved snack, none other than Fafda. From being the iconic Gujarati breakfast dish to a favourite tea-time snack, fafda has reserved a permanent spot in our hearts with its appetizing taste and crispness. This Gujarati snack is traditionally made with besan, oil, carom seeds, papad khar and salt to taste. All the ingredients are amalgamated together in a bowl to create a tasty mixture which is finally used to make a firm dough. The dough is gently rolled into a cylindrical shape after the continuous flattening process, and they are deep-fried until crispy. Most Indian snacks are easy to make and demand merely an hour of effort from us. So enjoy cooking with our three excellent tips and tricks to make fafda most effortlessly at home. 

1. Add all ingredients in the right amount 

The first and foremost step for making the most delicious and authentic fafda at home is using the ingredients in the right amount. One of the prime ingredients used is papad khar. Papad khair is the Indian name for alkaline salt. While most people fail to remember using this ingredient, we suggest you use it if you want to grab a bite replete with authentic taste and flavours. 

2. Get the right texture of the dough 

Kneading a soft yet firm dough is what is considered to be the ideal texture for making fafda. Keep stretching and flattening the dough for at least 10 minutes until a smooth consistency is attained. Then, knead the dough using enjoy the water, not remaining dry and losing its moisture. 

3. Don’t start frying until the oil is hot enough

The best time to start frying the fafdas is when bubbles appear in the oil. Once you turn on the gas, wait for some time until the oil is well-heated. This doesn't mean that you have to cook on high flame. On the contrary, frying at the low-medium flame is advisable and appropriate for everyone.

For making a big bowl of fafda at home, tap here to check out the full recipe.