Explosive Matki Idli Dish Evokes The Horror Of Online Foodies
Image Credit: iStock

Not only is idli a staple of South Indian cuisine, but it is also widely beloved throughout the country. Due to its versatility, many regions of India have their own variations of this classic rice-based food. Sometimes, these variations work incredibly well, elevating the dish to a new level; however, sometimes these innovations tend to backfire as well. One such misfire is the Matki Idli dish, which went viral in an Instagram video uploaded on 17th January 2024 on the handle @universal_exploring.

So, why exactly is this dish considered a misfire? You’ll get a better idea by learning about its preparation. To start off, the cook pours sambar into a matki, which is subsequently filled with mini idlis and coconut chutney. Then, the matki is sealed with a foil and placed over a stove for cooking/heating. Next, the matki is removed from the stove and served to a guest on a banana leaf. As the guest opens the piping hot matki, the steaming food comes gushing out onto the banana leaf, much to the horror of online foodies and aficionados.

In a relatively short time, the video has amassed over a million views and over 10,000 comments. The comments are largely negative, with many noting how the dish disrespects a traditional South Indian delicacy by misusing ingredients and subjecting it to outlandish cooking techniques, such as boiling chutney. Several commenters have also remarked that the dish could be a health hazard, with the hot sambar oozing out of the matki clumsily; similarly, others have expressed a wish for the idli to be left alone.

Given some of the incredulous comments under the video, the Matki Idli dish certainly has the potential to spark a culinary debate along the lines of how much innovation is too much. It raises some pertinent questions regarding where we should draw a line, and what is the difference between innovation and annihilation. Next time you’re in Delhi, give the explosive Matki Idli a go and determine where you stand on this debate!