Viral: ‘Black Idli’ Joins The Bizarre Food Trend; Netizens Are Disappointed
Image Credit: Source: Pixabay

Okay, let’s agree to this - when it comes to breakfast, Indian cuisines have more options than we can ever comprehend. Thanks to the country’s rich and diverse regional culinary styles, we don’t have to think a lot when it comes to options for the first mead of the day. From the North Indian chhole kulche to the South Indian dosa and idli to the Marathi poha, we have a slew of wholesome breakfast options that are filling, healthy and decadent. 

If you like to eat light food in the morning, fluffy and delicious idlis are the first to cross our minds. This soft and spongy steamed delicacy is the one to count on for a good breakfast. Drenched in scrumptious sambar and chutney, idlis are served in many different varieties. From podi idli to Kanchipuram idli and rava idli, the options are varied. Joining the idli bandwagon is the viral black idli. Take a look:

In this viral video, posted by Instagram food blogger with the username @wake_n_bite, we can see a street food vendor making black idlis. He first puts some charcoal powder in a mixing bowl, adds idli batter and starts incorporating both the ingredients. He then pours the black batter in an idli maker and steams it to perfection. When ready, he pours some chutney on a plate and serves the idli along with it.

Ever since the video was uploaded, it has garnered over 2 million views, 171k likes and hundreds of angry and funny comments from netizens. Most comments are about food bloggers and street vendors messing up with classic delicacies and the others are about the weird colour of idli. A user commented, “This is cold murder bro. Make something new but original ka katle’ aam aise 😒 (sic)”, while another said- “Why do one need black idli ? Just taste same (sic)”. Numerous funny responses have flooded the comments section. For instance, one user said, “Just looks Like..... Ambuja cement with splitted Vimal & with Birla white wall care putty chutney‼️😂(this comment isn't sponsered) (sic).

Are you intrigued enough to try this black idli? Do let us know.