Exploring Chunnda, The Sweet Gujarati Mango Pickle
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Gujarati people like eating flavourful and delicious food. There are so many culinary gems from the state of Gujarat that have become popular in all parts of the country. You will be surprised to know that Gujarati people also make some of the best variety of pickles. These are the same people who are known for eating fafda jalebi and aamras. But the pickles from Gujarat are a departure from your traditional flavour, palette of pickles. Gujarati people love eating sweet food, which is why most of their pickles are also a little sweet. Chunnda which is a popular pickle from the state of Gujarat is made from raw mangoes. Despite the savoury taste of raw mangoes, this pickle is sweet. 

It is a perfect companion for roti, theplas, parathas, and a lot of other meals. You can increase or decrease the sweetness of this pickle as per your choice. This pickle has a syrupy consistency as particles of mangoes are mixed with sugar syrup. At the same time, you will sense undertones of a variety of spices. A large amount of asafoetida along with cumin seeds is mixed with chilli powder to give this pickle a very different taste. Some people also like to call it chhundo. Remember that this pickle has equal Flavours of sweetness and spiciness. The right way to make this pickle is to strike a balance between both these flavours and make a delicious pickle. If one of the two flavours starts overpowering the other then the pickle is made in the wrong way. 

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Making Chunnda

The primary flavour in this pickle is obtained by taking the choicest raw mangoes. Even though there are a lot of spices and sugar syrup for use in the preparation of this pickle, the dominant taste of raw mangoes should always be maintained. A perfectly made Chunnda should always remind you of the service of raw mangoes first, and then anything else. The traditional way of making this pickle is by cooking it in the sunlight like all the authentic Indian pickles are cooked. But if you are running short on time, then you can also cook it on a gas stove. This pickle can be easily stored for a year without any problem.

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If you want to prepare this vehicle, then buy a large bag of raw mangoes that are of great quality. Now let's look at the recipe for preparing the best quality of Chunnda. 


* Salt to taste

* Sugar to taste

* 2 tsp red chilli powder

* 2 tsp cumin powder

* 2 tsp turmeric powder

* 1 kg raw mangoes 

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* Now to make this delicious pickle grate your raw mangoes properly. Now mix this with all the ingredients and transfer this into an airtight container. Cover the mouth of your airtight container with a thin cloth.

* Keep this jar in the sunlight for 5 to 6 days continuously. Mix your pickle by opening a jar at least three times a day to make sure all the ingredients are evenly distributed. 

* Once you see that the pickle is getting a syrupy consistency in the heat of the sun, take it into your kitchen and give it a good mix again. Now you can store it in your kitchen and enjoy it throughout the season.

This is the recipe that can be used to make the pickle if you have a time of 5 to 6 days. Now let's look at the recipe to make this sweet Gujju pickle. If you are running short on time.

* Take a large pan and heat it on medium flame. Now directly add some grated raw mangoes that have been cut into small slices. Put some salt, chilli powder, cumin powder, and turmeric powder. 

* Stir everything for at least 15 minutes. Now slowly add your sugar and let it dissolve in the mangoes completely. Keep cooking this mixture until you see small bubbles appearing on the surface of the pan. 

* Now remove the pan from the flame and let the pickle cool for some time. Store this pickle in an airtight container and enjoy it throughout the season. 

These are two ways to make the chhunda gujju pickle at home. You can choose either of the two recipes depending on how much time you have. You have to store this pickle in a dark place to keep it fresh for a year. Avoid letting any moisture enter the jar and do not ever leave a spoon inside this job. Always use a fresh spoon to take the pickle out of this jar to keep it fresh. Not only are all the ingredients used in this pickle flavourful but they're also very health friendly.