Everything You Need To Know About Gond — The Indian Superfood
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New mothers, especially those who have had access to little or no nutrition throughout their pregnancy, have been known to eat laddoos made of edible gum or gond, as it is more popularly known in India. Often fed to women during their post-partum phase for a speedy recovery, it is also known to be a superfood that is consumed in the winters. Although they might not have any particular flavour of their own, these crystal-like balls are usually white or brown in colour. Traditionally, gond is used to make laddoos which has a combination of foods like jaggery, cashews and ghee; that are effective for post-natal healing of tissues as well as keeping the bones of new mothers strong.

Although it doesn’t boast a wide number of culinary uses apart from the odd laddoo or churma, gond is considered to be a galactagogue, which enables the production of breast milk in mothers. The superfood is also an excellent source of vitamin D, which keeps your bones strong. Eating a gond laddoo or two at least two or three times a week keeps joints in the body lubricated as well as provides energy to perform everyday tasks. This edible gum also promotes healthy immunity and restoring the body after it has been affected by ailments.

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For new mothers who suffer from anxiety or depression, gond also helps soothe those negative thoughts as the women work their way towards a full recovery. Gond is also packed with minerals like iron and magnesium and is known to help prevent bacterial infections, heat strokes and piles. While making the superfood a part of your regular diet is beneficial in many ways to women, gond also improves sexual shortcomings like erectile dysfunction and low sperm count in men.

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Interestingly enough, gond keeps one’s body from dehydrating when the weather is sultry and helps in controlling issues like nose-bleeding, which is common in the summers. It has also been known to reflect excellent results in curing UTIs as well as regulating bowel movement. Its anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties helps aid the prevention of skin acne pigmentation and breakouts. It also benefits in lightening or eradicating pimples as well as reducing fine facial lines and wrinkles.