Ever Tried These Unique Varieties Of Jalebis In India?
Image Credit: Drooling over Jalebis right?

Whenever I crave something sweet, my mind gets straight to jalebis which we can easily find in every nook and corner of a city. These delicacies dipped in sugar water are so good and delicious and moreover, they are cheap and easily available. This is the truth that jalebis have been a point of inspiration for us always. We all love jalebi, but very few of us know that jalebi wasn’t originated in India. Yes, these sweet-coated desserts actually have their roots back in West Asia where they are prominently known as ‘Zolabiya’ or ‘Zalabiya’. Interesting right? 

Now, all of us especially jalebi lovers like me must have eaten a variety of jalebis available in India but there are still many varieties lesser known by the people. For just a recap, we have brought you the list of some jalebi varieties available in India so that the next time you travel, you don’t forget to taste these small delights and satisfy not only your taste buds but also your soul. 

Aloo Jalebi 

Attention jalebi lovers, this aloo ki jalebi should be on your bucket list. These are lightweight jalebis that have a crispy texture like any other but unlike the regular jalebis you find, these are made up of boiled potatoes. Boiled potatoes are combined with all-purpose flour, ghee, curd, sugar, cardamom, and saffron. This unique jalebi is popular in many parts of the country. 

Urad Dal ki Jalebi 

As its name suggests, this jalebi is made with the urad dal batter and fermented with flour. Though enjoyed in all parts of the country, this is mostly eaten in Bihar and some parts of Uttar Pradesh. Though the rest of the preparation process is as same as the normal jalebis, these are different and very-very delicious. 

Paneer Jalebi 

After regular jalebi, this is the second most popular jalebis in India. Made with all-purpose flour, cream, full cream milk, and lemon, this jalebi is a must-try if you consider yourself a jalebi lover or even if you think you have a sweet tooth. This sort of jalebi is also quite popular in West Bengal with the name ‘Chanar Jilapi’. 

Black Jalebi 

You may have seen these jalebis in the market but you might not know what they are actually made up of. These jalebis are the black version of orange jalebis and are thicker in size. Made up of khoya and potato starch, these jalebis are fried to perfection till they attain a black colour. This variety of jalebi is quite popular in Old Delhi. 

Apple Jalebi 

We know that this doesn’t sound authentic but it is an innovation in jalebi that I believe is going to stay for a long time. Made with mashed apples and dipped in sugar syrup, these are not in an orangy shade (you can always add colour of your choice). However, this fruity version of jalebi is one of the most loved jalebis amongst all. 

Bhabhra or Namkeen Jalebi 

One of the lesser-known and least famous Jalebi is Bhabhra or we can call it namkeen jalebi. Made up of rice flour, gram flour, ginger garlic paste, and several spices, this jalebi is quite famous in West Bengal with the name Bhabhra. These too are orange in colour and a go-to snack with tea. 


Imarti is a popular cousin of jalebi that we all know about. Much thicker than the usual jalebis, imartis are also made with urad dal and corn flour. This is also a much-loved delicacy all across the country. 

Khoya Jalebi 

Quite famous in MP, these jalebis are much richer as they are made up of khoya, all-purpose flour, and maida. Often topped with malai or cold milk, you can easily spot these khoya jalebis in every corner of Madhya Pradesh’s Jabalpur region. So, next time when you visit MP, don’t forget to have these khoya jalebis. 


Just like imarti was the popular cousin of jalebi, jalebas are the fat cousins of jalebi. These too are made by fermenting flour batter overnight and frying. Jalebas are quite popular in northern India and each one of them weighs up to 350 to 500 gm. Waoo!!


Jangri is another unique jalebi that actually got its name from Mughal Emperor Jahangir if some legends are to be believed. Mostly famous in the southern part of the country, these jalebis look like a flower and have a unique and richer taste. Don’t believe me? Try it yourself! 

We have tried compiling most of the jalebi varieties available in India only for you so that you can showcase your knowledge of food to your friends. Have a look at this list and let us know which jalebis have you tried and which are new to you!