This Mango Jalebi Of Lucknow Is Completely Drool-Worthy

Are you already drooling after reading the title? We know you are because how can someone resist salivating after the godly combination of mangoes and jalebis came into the limelight. Be it any Indian festival or celebration, Jalebis are the go-to desserts in every Indian household. There is no replacement of a hot jalebi with the chasni dripping from it on a rainy day. But if you ask us what’s better than Jalebis, we will answer it very generously with Lucknow’s mango Jalebis that’s making the internet drool recently. 

Realizing the growing cravings for the fruit as the season has finally come to end, the famous sweet shop of Lucknow has tried to twist the classic Jalebi into a fruity deliciousness. The aroma and unique flavour profile of mangoes have made it easier to incorporate into several classic Indian desserts from Mango Kheer to Mango barfi. But very few had thought of incorporating the fruit into Jalebis. But the owner of the shop ‘Chhappan Bhog’ took to their Instagram page last week and announced their recent delicacy ‘Mango Jalebi’ and netizens haven’t stopped drooling yet.

Source: Screengrab of Instagram post by Chhappan Bhog/Instagram

The shop posted a picture of their exclusive ‘Mango Jalebi’ and mentioned that it will be available in their shop in the evening hours only. Served inside the shells of mango, these Jalebis are the shop’s farewell present to the last mangoes of this season. Announcing this new addition on Instagram on the eve of National Mango Day has gained the dish the popularity it needed. 

As the foodies are always in search of something unique in terms of flavour and aroma, the world is moving towards fusion food at a greater pace. This ‘Mango Jalebi’ of Lucknow will add another feather to the cap of Lucknow’s exceptional culinary skills. ‘Chhappan Bhog’ has won the hearts of the internet by twisting this classic. However, we are yet to discover if it can win the hearts of the foodies through its favour. Let's see if this version of Aam gets added to the aam baatein of Indian cuisine.