Ever Had Galgal, The Rare Cousin Of Lemon?

Lemons are hands down, one of the most useful things found in kitchens across the world. But there is one rare variety we don’t know about. One of these is Galgal. Also known as hill lemon, galgal is a native to Eastern Himalayas in Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand in India. It is also cultivated in Nepal because of its excessive usage in several Indian curries as well as traditional medicines. If some experts are to be believed, galgal is one of the three earliest citrus species responsible for developing ither varieties through natural as well as artificial hybridization. 

How can you differentiate between a normal lemon and a galgal? Well, a galgal is bigger in size and has a thicker rind, which is used in several medicinal purposes. The hill lemons are highly acidic and have minimal sugar content. Besides, these lemons can withstand as much as 25 F temperature. These lemons could be mostly spotted in the Himalayan region and Delhi during the first two months of the year. Mostly, galgals are used in making pickles with chilies, thanks to the sourness in its pulp and bitterness of the rind which lends the best taste. Some studies believe that galgal’s peel constitutes 25 to 35 percent of the fruit’s weight and is a high source of protein. Thus, it is used for several purposes in the food processing industry. Galgal has some other benefits too. Let us know about them. 

                             Image: Gagal ka achar

Promotes Better Cardiac Health 

Galgal or hill lemon has a higher content of vitamin C as compared to other lemon varieties. Thus, it reduces the risk of heart strokes to a great extent. Besides, these lemons are high in fiber as well as potassium and because of this, they can even lower the risk of heart attacks. 

Aids Weight Loss 

Lemons always find their way whenever there is a discussion about weight loss. Galgal is no exception. It has a higher concentration of pectin fiber which keeps the stomach full for a longer time and keeps unwanted hunger pangs at bay. Pectin is not found in lemon juices but in rind and pulp. Because of their thick rinds, galgals have a higher content. 

Promotes Better Digestion 

Galgals have a very low content of carbs and have a high content of pectic. It can help in improving gut health and slowing down the digestion of sugar and starch.  

Prevents And Cures Anemia 

Anemia is one of the rising problems found in children and women because of the low iron intake. Adding vitamin C rich fruits like galgal can provide the right amount of iron to the body and also helps in its digestion.  

Prevents The Risk Of Kidney Stones 

Kidney stones are the crystallization of waste products but the citric acid in galgal can help in getting rid of these stones by increasing the urine ph and the volume. The consumption of galgal can prevent the formation of kidney stones to a great extent. 

So, did you know about galgal before? Do let us know!