Elevate Your Next House Party With These Interactive Stations
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Curating a menu for a house party is a very difficult task. One has to take care of everyone's flavour palette as everybody has their subjective preferences. A great way to make a house party fun and keep the menu flexible is by creating interactive food stations. These food stations are an assortment of different types of ingredients that are carefully placed in different containers.

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 All the guests can make their snacks on their own and choose what ingredients they would like to add. The process is pretty much the same as getting a sandwich made from a fast food company. The only difference is that at a house party, the person will have to make the snack on their own. Here are some really interesting and interactive food station ideas for house parties.

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* Sushi Counters

Sushi is generally very appealing when it comes to its colours and the type of ingredients that are used to make them. To make delicious sushi, one can carefully assort different types of vegetables, boiled rice, sushi sheets and other necessary ingredients. For filling, the host must arrange for vegetarian, non-vegetarian, and vegan options so that everyone can taste it. The whole process of making sushi is very interesting, so it can be a fun task for everyone. 

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* Fries Station

Making French fries for a house party is a very safe option as most people love eating the snack. One can simply take this snack one step forward by creating an interesting fry station. Different types of cheese and sauces can be kept at the station, and a person can make the snack as per their convenience. Some people like their fries to be extra cheesy, whereas others like to put on herbs. A fries station will give people the liberty to make their fries as they choose.

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* Taco Station

A taco station is also an appropriate food station that can be created at a house party, as tacos are pretty easy to make and do not lead to a lot of spillage. One can simply please a lot of taco shells as well as taco stuffing that includes black beans, cheese, cabbage, lettuce, carrots, herbs, paneer, tofu, and chicken. Different types of Mexican sauces can also be placed so that everyone can create their tacos at their convenience. These tacos can be prepared easily within five minutes and easily customised as per one's preference.

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* Doughnut Station

No party is complete without having at least one dessert. A scrumptious dessert that can be easily customised is doughnuts. A doughnut station can be made by assorting plain doughnuts that can be bought from the market or made at home. On the side, one can arrange for different types of dips, such as chocolate dip, strawberry dip, and sugar glaze. Also, different types of sprinkles, such as chocolate chips, candies, and colourful sprinkles, can be kept so that the guest can decorate their doughnuts at their convenience.

* Pizza Station

Pizza stations are certainly not an easy thing to curate, but they certainly give a very special experience to all the people coming to the party. A person has to arrange for pizza sauce, different types of cheeses and pizza base. Along with it, all sorts of toppings, like vegetarian, vegan, and non-vegetarian toppings, also have to be arranged. It is compulsory to have a microwave by the side so that people can make the pizzas on their own.

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* Crepe Station

Crepes are extremely tempting desserts that get prepared within five minutes. To make a crêpe station at home, one will have to prepare the crêpe batter and keep it on the side. It is important to keep the batter covered and place it in a cold position. On the side, one will have to place the crepe maker, so that anyone who wants to make it can simply put the batter and make it on their own. Along with the crêpe batter, things like melted chocolate, strawberries, and other fruits like oranges and grapes can be kept on the side.

* Fruit Pops Station

Fruit pops are enjoyed by both children and adults. One can simply assort fresh fruits like bananas, strawberries, and grapes and keep them on a platter. Now, on the side, one can arrange for melted dark chocolate and white chocolate, along with different types of sprinkles and chocolate chips. With the help of skewers, guests can make their fruit pops by dipping fruits in various types of chocolates and covering them with colourful sprinkles.