Diwali House Party? 6 Delicious Chicken Starter Snacks

The spirit and festivities of Diwali in India are similar to Christmas in the West. This is our time to be happy and cheerful. 

One of the happiest and most colorful events on the Hindu calendar is the Festival of Lights. There are numerous legendary tales that explain why we should celebrate Diwali like the one about light triumphing over darkness and good over evil. Families and loved ones join together during this time to celebrate, rejoice, give and receive gifts, and eat delicious dishes. 

You shouldn't ignore this if you're a gang member who enjoys throwing parties and hosting them. Good parties must have some good snacks. 

Our list of simple chicken party appetizers will ensure that your Diwali celebration is a delicious and mouthwateringly success. These appetizers, which range from hot chicken samosas to crispy chicken popcorn, will definitely liven up your celebrations. Bonus: making them is also simple! Now go ahead and surprise your guests with delicious, homemade party appetizers that they will love.

Chicken Tikka

Party food favourites like chicken tikka are usually a hit. After being perfectly grilled, soft chicken pieces are marinated in a mixture of yoghurt and spices. The end product is quite tasty, smokey, and spicy. This is a delicious snack for your Diwali celebration, perfect for wowing your guests with the exquisite flavours of India. 

To make the well-known chicken tikka, tender chicken pieces are coated in Indian spices such as tandoori masala, red chili powder, garam masala, ginger-garlic paste, and many more. The chicken is then grilled in a tandoor.

Chicken Momos

Momos are one of the most well-liked Indian street meals, despite not being a typical Indian snack. A delicious combination of minced chicken and spices fills these steamed dumplings. A fantastic combination of flavours and textures, these snacks are perfect for a Diwali party when dipped in a spicy sauce.

Momos are a kind of dumpling that can be fried or steam-cooked. Originating in the Himalayas of Nepal, this mouthwatering appetizer is often enjoyed as a street snack with hot red chili sauce.

Chilli Chicken

Chili chicken is the ideal option for anyone who enjoys a little kick of heat. Tender chicken chunks are sautéed with a blend of veggies in a spicy, sour sauce in this Indo-Chinese fusion meal. It's a tasty and spicy snack that will have your visitors begging for more.

This simple recipe for chili chicken is just the kind of wintertime snack we require to stay warm on a chilly night. Rich, creamy gravy with garlic and chili is served with juicy chicken pieces that have been fried to a crisp coating of thick, spicy batter. 

Chicken Popcorn

Popcorn chicken is a popular dish that's ideal for a Diwali celebration. These tasty, crunchy, batter-coated bite-sized chunks of chicken are deep-fried to a golden brown. You cannot stop at just one since they're so addictive. See them disappear quickly when you serve them with your favorite dip.

The chicken is packed with chilies and spices, then perfectly fried. The easiest finger food to make at home for kids or for a party is chicken popcorn.

Chicken Samosa

This recipe for samosas is ideal if you're preparing a traditional meal but just can't give up your love of chicken. The filling inside these golden packages is a delicious, spicy chicken mixture. It makes them a great option for anyone who want a little edge to their munchies.

Baked Chicken Seekh Kabab

You can consider baked chicken seekh kebabs if you want a healthier choice without sacrificing flavor. Herbs, spices, and minced chicken are used to make these skewers. The most appealing aspect is that they are baked rather than fried, which makes them a guilt-free Diwali party snack. For an added flavor boost, serve them with a refreshing yogurt dip.

Chicken Nuggets

Adults enjoy chicken nuggets just as much as children do! These little delicacies are formed by combining breadcrumbs, seasonings, and ground chicken meat. Their exterior is crunchy while their interior is soft. Take a trip down memory lane and serve them with your favorite sauces.

This crunchy little treat is so enticing that it is loved by everybody! The best aspect is that only a few components are needed to prepare this recipe, making it really simple to prepare.

The menu for your Diwali celebration munchies is ready. These simple recipes of chicken will enable you to be the ideal host. Cheers to Diwali 2023!