Eid-Al Adha: 5 Types of Kebabs To Make
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Eid-al Adha is an opportunity for all the family members and friends to come together and have a good time while relishing delicious food. Generally, the menu on the occasion of Eid consists of different types of appetisers, main courses, dishes, and desserts. One dish that never fails to grab the eyeballs of everyone, no matter what the occasion is kebabs. 

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Kebabs are believed to have originated in Persia and then became extremely popular in the Middle East as well. Kebabs were introduced in India through the Mughals and they became an instant hit. Every type of kebab is quite distant in terms of texture and flavour from the other. If someone is looking for the perfect appetiser recipe for this Eid al Adha, then here are some delectable kebabs that one can surely try. 

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* Kakori Kebab

A kakori kebab is a very popular kekab that is made from mutton. This is an extremely loved recipe, especially in Lucknow where one will find a lot of old food joints serving these scrumptious kebabs. The name of the dish is itself derived from a small city settled on the outskirts of Lucknow. This appetising kebab is prepared by taking the minced meat of mutton and then synthesising it with different types of robust spices, especially red chilli powder. Then small balls of kebabs are made with this mixture of mutton and then grilled on the top of a griller with some delectable seasonings.

* Barrah Kebab

A barra  kebab is prepared by specifically taking the ribs part of the mutton. It is prepared by carefully taking out the ribs part of the mutton, and then marinating it in a paste that is made from ginger, garlic, medley of Indian spices, and some hunkered. Hung curd helps in imparting a very cheesy and creamy texture to the kebabs. This marinade is allowed to rest for at least 9 to 10 hours before being used to make kebabs. The next day one has to take this mixture and massage it with a little bit of vegetable oil for some extra moisture. Now sprinkle this mixture with some lemon juice before finally making kebabs out of it. The kebabs can be grilled or pan-fried with lots of butter and are served with some vinegar onions.

* Mutton Boti Kebab

A mutton boti kebab is a very mainstream dish in India that is specifically prepared from pieces of mutton that do not have any kind of bones in them. Another interesting ingredient that is used to prepare this special kebab is papaya. Now a lot of people would find the combination of mutton and papaya quite absurd. However, it is a recipe that requires patience and trust because the final flavours are certainly out of the world.

Raw papaya mixture is used to smoothen out the texture of the mutton. It also helps in making the kebabs a lot softer than regular ones. Other ingredients such as code, spices, herbs and some chopped onions are also added to the mixture of mashed papaya and mutton. All of this mixture is left to rest for at least 6 to 7 hours. After the mixture has been set properly, small kebabs are made from this mixture or grilled. The best way to enjoy it is to make some mint and coriander chutney and serve it with the kebabs.

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* Peshawari Chapli Kebab

Peshawari chapli kebab is one of the easiest kebab dishes that one will find. This special kebab as its name suggests was invented in the Peshawar city of Pakistan. To make these kebabs, one has to specifically take some fresh minced mutton and mix it with black pepper, coriander powder, salt, tomatoes, and onion. Try to use as few spices as possible and only focus on basic spices, such as turmeric powder, red chilli powder, and salt. Now a person has to cover their hands with some vegetable oil and make small parties with the help of this mixture. These kebabs are simply cooked on the top of a flat pan or can be grilled as well.

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* Shami Kebab

A shami kebab is a mouth-melting and heavenly kebab recipe that is surely worth a try for all the kebab fanatics out there. To make these kebabs one has to take some fresh minced mutton and mix it in a mixture of chickpea and water. One has to also add onions, tomatoes, and basic Indian spices like red chilli powder, salt, cumin seed powder, coriander powder, and other spices. The consistency of this mixture should not be too dry and not too runny. Once the mixture has been formed properly, make small patties out of the mixture and grill it on the top of a griller.