Eid 2023: 5 Kebabs To Savour The Eid Feast

After one month of rigorous fasting, Muslims all across the globe celebrate Eid with great zeal and enthusiasm. Muslims exchange wishes, offer prayers, meet each other and have a scrumptious Eid feast which consists of a plethora of traditional as well as modern dishes. From Biryani to Sheer Khurma, there are so many delights that are a must on Eid. But one delectable treat without which the Eid celebration is incomplete, is kebabs. So, if you are hosting this year's Eid party, here are five different types of kebabs you can make and serve to your guests! 

Chicken Tikka Kebab 

Even taking the name of chicken tikka kebab can make us drool, isn’t it? Chicken tikka kebabs are mouthwatering and irresistibly delicious. Made with marinated chicken and melange of spices, these kebabs are famous all around the world because of their smooth texture and scrumptious taste. Why don’t you make these kebab at home? 

Turkish Adana Kebab 

The beauty of some precious things just cannot be described in words and Adana Kebabs are one of them. These juicy kebabs are wrapped around skewers and cooked on an open mandal. Made with sumac, these kebabs are succulent. If you are planning to make this kebab for Eid this year, here is the recipe. 

Joojeh Kebabs 

Also known as Persian saffron chicken kebabs, joojeh kebabs are famous all around the world. Known for their making technique and vibrant flavours, these kebabs can complete your Eid feast and will make your guests love your cooking skills. You can make these kebabs easily and if you are one of those health freaks, try making these kebabs in an air fryer. Here’s how you can do it. 

Kofta Kebab 

Kofta kebabs are a common Turkish delight much adored in Middle East and many parts of the world. It is prominently made on Eid in many regions and has a juicy and smooth texture. If you are looking for a change in your Eid feast menu, try making these kofta kebabs at home. Here is the easiest recipe. 

Shish Tawook 

Shish comes from Ottoman cuisine and is as popular as any other kebab. Made up of different marinades, this kebab variety always has a base of curd, garlic and lemon. This may require a little hard work but believe me, all your efforts will be worth it. 

Which of these kebabs did you like the most? Do let us know! 

Eid Mubarak!