Eateries At Delhi’s Chandni Chowk, Majnu Ka Tila You Must Visit
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The Delhi government is planning to develop food hubs across the city in a phased manner, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal announced on Sunday. Authorities have identified Chandni Chowk and Majnu Ka Tila for development as food hubs in the first phase of the project. The decision has been taken in order to tackle unemployment, he reportedly said. “Today there is a serious problem of unemployment. There are unemployed in Delhi too. In the last few years, we have provided employment to 12-13 lakh youth and for the next five years, we have a target of 20 lakh jobs,” said CM Kejriwal. 

Speaking about the food hubs, the Delhi CM reportedly added, “We’ve decided to generate employment in the next five years. Thus Delhi, known as the ‘food capital of India’, will get revamped food hubs. Delhi has various markets for Tibetan and Punjabi food. We'll improve their physical infrastructure, roads, electricity, and hygiene.” 

According to news reports, he also spoke about improving food safety standards. “We’ll improve food safety standards in these food hubs and ensure that they follow all hygiene guidelines. In phase I, we will redo 2 hubs. Majnu-ka-Tila and Chandni Chowk will be redone first,” he elaborated.  

In order to design the architecture for the food hubs, the government will hold a design competition to shortlist the architecture firm for the project. “A design competition will be held, where the best architectural firms of the country will be called to present their designs. We will try to finalise a design within 12 weeks and give them the job. In the next phase, all other food hubs will be identified and redeveloped,” CM Kejriwal said. 

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Chandni Chowk and Majnu Ka Tila have always been a foodie’s paradise. While the former is synonymous with Delhi’s street food and chaats, the latter is the Capital’s own ‘Little Tibet’, dotted with multiple cafes offering pocket-friendly traditional Tibetan delicacies. A development drive for foodies is definitely going to be a way up, we bring you places which are still thronged by food enthusiasts for some lip-smacking grub. Wondering what all you can nosh on when visiting both? We’ve got you places you just shouldn’t miss. 

Chandni Chowk 

1. Paranthe Wali Gali 

The name suggests it all. Parathe Wali Gali is popular across the country, and even abroad purely for the myriad variety of scrumptious parathas it offers. And they aren’t the usual parathas, they are distinct for the quirky fillings they come with, and are later deep-fried. Yes, the parathas are deep fried and are immensely delicious. You must try the rabri paratha, paired with a glass of chilled lassi and you’re done for the day. 

2. Natraj Dahi Bhalle 

A food trip around Delhi is incomplete without a plate full of chatpate Dahi Bhalle, and what better than at the hub of street food to try the same. Natraj Dahi Bhalle in Chandni Chowk serves the softest dahi bhallas in town, and you won’t be able to stop at just one. This shop is over 85 years old now, yet the crowd just doesn’t stop thronging the place till date.  

3. Jalebi Wala - Dariba Kalan 

You might’ve tried Jalebis at many places across the country, ever tried at a shop over 200 years old? Standing strong and as popular today as it was back then, this jalebi shop offers a huge sized, juicy, hot and crispy jalebi that are irresistibly decadent. It is sure to leave you asking for more. 

4. Gole Hatti - Fatehpuri 

If lip-smacking chole kulche is your weakness, Gole Hatti is your place to be. This shop was originally in Lahore before partition, however, they resettled in Chandni Chowk after partition. So, you can well imagine how old it must be. The special chole has close to no oil, yet tastes heavenly when paired with soft, spongy kulchas. You can also indulge in dahi bhallas, rasgullas and gulab jamuns here.  

5. Aslam Chicken Corner 

Old Delhi is the heaven for not just chaat lovers but meat lovers too. Head towards Jama Masjid and you’ll see a host of small places serving toothsome non-vegetarian delicacies including haleem, nihari, succulent kebabs, rogan Josh, butter chicken, and more. Aslam Chicken Corner is one of those places which is paradise for all chicken lovers. Located in the narrow lanes of Chandni Chowk near Jama Masjid, Aslam Chicken Corner has gained immense popularity with people coming from far-off places to eat. Their chicken roast and butter chicken - served with oodles of butter over cooked chicken is a must try.  

Image: Facebook- Old Delhi Foodies

Majnu Ka Tila (MKT) 

1. AMA Café 

Ask a regular at MKT to pick their top favourite eatery here, and the first place would be this small café serving delicious breakfast staples. Apart from a wholesome Himalayan meal of aloo khatsa, eggs and Tibetan bread, one can find lip-smacking pizzas and a classic English breakfast of bacon strips, pancakes and chicken sausages with coffee too. And that's not all, AMA Café is a delight for your Instagram feed too. 

Image: Facebook- AMA Café Delhi

 2. Yamuna Café 

Ever thought of dining at the banks of Yamuna River? This café can make it happen. Located right on the banks of Yamuna in Delhi, this café truly sets itself apart. Spacious, Insta-worthy and breezy with an incredible view of the river, Yamuna Café serves some of the best pizzas and pastas around. 

 3. Koris 

If a wholesome Korean meal is your new favourite, you will absolutely love Koris. While it has other outlets in the city as well, this one in MKT has a rustic vibe to it. With a menu full of iconic Korean dishes, we love how they have not missed out on some local favourites too. The delightful aroma of the Dosirak (Korean thali) and the Bibimbap is a therapy in itself, and we are already drooling thinking about the same. 

4. Himalayan Restaurant 

A slightly less popular place in the area, Himalayan Restaurant is sure to offer one of the most extensive north eastern menus, including some classics like momos to shaptak, shabale, mokthuk and more! 

5. Tee Dee 

This utterly cute little place dishes out some of the best momos in MKT. And its warm and cosy ambience is sure to make you comfortable for hours together. Not just northeastern, you can trust Tee Dee for a classic breakfast too.