Kitchen Hacks: Easy Ways To Ripen Stone Apple At Home
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The sweet and fragrant stone apple is found mainly in North and South-East Asia. In India, this seasonal fruit is consumed primarily as syrup. Many people drink it when they have an upset stomach. However, due to its high demand during the summer season, ripe stone apples are often not available in the market. And if you get them, they aren’t fresh. So, the second option is to ripen raw stone apples at home. Today, we’ll give you some tips, using which you can quickly ripen the natural stone apple. This home-ripened fruit will undoubtedly taste more delicious than the ones available. So, let’s learn about these tips.

Use of paper and carton boxes: Using paper and carton boxes is an easy way to ripen raw stone apples deliciously.

  1. First, keep the fruit on paper and wrap it in three to four pieces.
  2. After wrapping, close the mouth of the paper with tape and keep it in the carton box.
  3. Cover it with one or two pieces even after keeping the box and keep it aside.
  4. After about 48 hours, open the box, and it will be ripe.

Use of carbide: It is usually used for ripening fruits like mango, banana, etc. However, you can also use carbide for ripening raw stone apples.

  1. First, wrap the natural stone apple in paper and keep it in a box.
  2. After this, tie the carbide in a small cloth, keep it in the box, cover it with paper and keep it aside.
  3. After about two to three days, you will see that the stone apple is ready to ripen.
  4. Do not open the box early, as this is a natural way to ripen raw stone apples.

Use of ethylene: You can also use ethylene medicine for ripening raw stone apples faster (due to the acid).

  1. Wrap the natural fruit in some paper or cotton cloth and keep the ethylene.
  2. After this, keep it in any corner of the house for about two days.
  3. Then, on the third day, the ripened fruit will taste even more delicious than the ones in the market.

Takeaway tips:

  1. Many people bury the raw stone apple two to three feet under the ground, and after two to three days, they get ripen.
  2. Another indigenous remedy is that many people keep the husk (wheat root part/straw) in it. Then, in about two to three days, it ripens.
  3. Another remedy is that some people keep it in sugarcane straw to ripen it.