Wheat And Rice: Easy Tips To Store These Grains For Long
Image Credit: Pexels.com

Have you ever noticed that whenever we store wheat, rice or pulses for a long time, they get spoiled within a few days due to fungus or insects? And to get rid of them, we end up using pesticides that are harmful to our health. This is why, today we have brought some unmedicated tips for you, with which you can easily avoid this problem. Also, using these remedies won't affect the quality of the grain at all.

  1. Dry cereals well: To store grain for a long time, you need to dry it to its moisture level. For this, you can dry it thoroughly in the sun before storing it. Do not mix the new grains in the remaining/leftover grains by mistake. For example, gram and wheat can be dried in the sun, but you should never dry rice as it gets spoiled.
  2. Use of dried neem leaves: Neem leaves should be dry before you use them to store grains. For this, keep neem leaves on paper in a shady place and dry them 15 days before storage.
  3. High-quality cereals: If you are thinking of storing grains for a long time, you must begin with good quality grains. This is because you can easily keep them for a long time.

Four additional steps

  1. At present, plastic containers are suitable for storing grains. Just keep in mind to put charcoal on it.
  2. If you are storing cereals in storerooms, make sure the room is ventilated. However, do not open the room again and again. Instead, check the grains kept in it every 15 days.
  3. Before storing grain in a steel container, paint it from the inside so that the grain remains moisture-free.
  4. If you use old sacks, dip them in malathion solution for 10 minutes and dry them.

By adopting the above measures, you can store your grains for a long time. Stay tuned to Slurrp for more such information.