6 Cost-Effective Pressure Cookers For Kitchen

A pressure cooker does a lot of cooking for you. The invention is a blessing to the busy world. It is the best companion of a homemaker, a working mother, a poor father, a bachelor and many other people. Be it cooking rice, stewing your vegetables, making your favourite sabzi, or even making curd; there is little a pressure cooker cannot do. A lazy cook’s perfect assistant and a passionate chef’s ideal partner, a pressure cooker has many roles in a kitchen. You can buy a pressure cooker easily, but buying the best one in the market is quite an effort. We are here to make this task easy for you.

Let’s explore some of Amazons best options and pick the one that best fits your kitchen and family.

1. Hawkins Miss Mary 2 Litre

Hawkins has become quite a synonym for pressure cookers as the brand truly excels in serving its customers with the best products. The Hawkins Miss Mary 2 Litre Handi is a deal you cannot miss. It is an aluminium pressure cooker with an inner lid and an ideal one for supporting 2-3 persons. Its curved body is a highlight for easy stirring, easy removal of food and better visibility of food. This product is highly durable, affordable, and fitted with pressure-locked protection and a safety valve made of Proprietary Eutectic Alloy.

 ASIN ID - B09X1YFKH4   

2. Instant Pot 321 6QT Essential, Stainless Steel 9-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker

Perfect for Indian power conditions, the Instant Pot 321 6QT electric pressure cooker, which was America's favourite, is here. The product is an intelligent choice with its latest 9-in-1 functionality and improved stress-free venting. One can quickly cook with a single touch with in-built 15 customisable innovative programs and can nurture a chef in one with amazing recipes on its Brand Connect app. The cooker is also well-equipped with automatic temperature & pressure control, intelligent detection and safety, making it most desirable.


3. Hawkins Contura Hard Anodized Pressure Cooker

Another shine from the many gems of the famous brand, the Hawkins Contura hard anodised pressure cooker, strikes the perfect balance between affordability and performance. With a decent 1.5 litre capacity, it is a couple’s right choice. Food reaction and heating concerns are not even an issue with its tough anodised black body and stainless-steel lid. It is superior in handling pressure and providing protection with an automatic safety valve and pressure-locked safety.


4. Pigeon By StoveKraft Aluminium Pressure Cooker

Claimed as the general favourite, the most trusted brand, Pigeon does not disappoint with its aluminium pressure cooker by StoveKraft. The 3-litre pressure cooker is set to serve a common man’s light pocket and does not compromise on quality. Its superior aluminium finish and ergonomic Bakelite handle make it durable and user-friendly. It has an efficient gas release system and is perfectly gas-top compatible. Better in quality, better in performance and even better in price, this product is a recommended pick within the brand’s premium quality stainless steel range.

 ASIN ID - B085G6LTTT   

5. Futura 6L Pressure Cooker

If you are one of those many technology-fed induction users struggling to find a pressure cooker compatible with it, cheer up! The Futura brand, known for its form and function, presents you with its 6L induction-compatible pressure cooker. The product is attractive, durable and, most importantly, energy-efficient, with a hard anodised body and lid. It is 46% faster than a microwave oven and owns the pride of being the only pressure cooker to have been displayed by The Museum of Modern Art, New York.

 ASIN ID - B07Y38Q2TM   

6. Geek Robocook Zeta 5 Litre Electric Pressure Cooker

Geek Robocook has a revolutionary approach to its Zet 5-litre electric pressure cooker owing to its PIC technology. The cooker is highly customised and unique for the market, with 13 specialised Indian pre-set menus. The brand has earned its reputation for trust and world-class safety and is "BIS Safety Standard" certified. This 5 Litre non-stick pot is very durable and sufficient to serve a family of four. The pressure cooker claims a higher position in the customer shortlist with its ability to cook 50% faster and healthier food than its competitors.