Make Your Lassi Creamier With These 5 Kitchen Tips
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This time, the summer season has arrived early, and with it comes our craving for something cold and refreshing. And for many Indians, nothing beats a glass of refreshing lassi. More than just a drink, lassi is an emotion deeply ingrained in our culture, especially in Northern India, where it is a beloved traditional yoghurt-based beverage. It is made with yoghurt, water, sugar or salt, and milk. Lassi, a traditional yoghurt-based beverage popular in northern India, can be enjoyed sweet or salty. For a sweet taste, add cream, sugar, and fruity flavourings, or opt for a salty flavour with the addition of spices such as black pepper, salt, and chaat masala. Despite its origins in Punjab, lassi is now enjoyed throughout India for its refreshing qualities, digestive benefits, and cooling effect on the body. With its thick and creamy texture, it is often compared to a smoothie, but achieving that consistency at home can be challenging.

Here are a few kitchen tips to make a creamier and frothier lassi at home:

Use Homemade Yoghurt

The first thing to remember while making lassi at home is to use freshly churned, chilled yoghurt. Using homemade yoghurt guarantees a smooth and creamy texture for your lassi. It is best to use plain curd that has been made from whole milk. Don't add already-flavoured variants for the best results.


Whisking or continuously stirring the yoghurt mix is the most important part of the lassi-making process. While a blender can undoubtedly simplify your task, it won't produce the best outcomes. Use a wire whisker or a wooden Madani mixer to churn the yoghurt until it has a creamy consistency. To make it foamy, make sure you whisk it for a longer period of time.

Avoid Adding Too Much Water

To achieve a smooth and creamy texture, add water slowly to the lassi, ensuring that you do not add too much water, which can make it thin and runny. You can also add half a cup of milk to make it thicker and creamier.

Add Ice Cubes While Whisking

The lassi becomes thicker and creamier when ice cubes are added while it is being whisked. Also, it makes the lassi incredibly refreshing and perfect for drinking on a hot summer day. Before pouring the lassi into the glass, you can also place it in the refrigerator for 15-20 minutes.

Add cream

Last but not least, feel free to whisk in a spoonful of cream to make a rich and creamy lassi. This would guarantee an extremely thick, foamy, and creamy lassi. You may also add a little milk to the cream for a rich and frothy texture.