Perfect Drinks Based On The Aura Of Your Zodiac Signs
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It's stressful to skim a cocktail menu as a server looks you down or your seamless delivery estimate rises, yet nothing should be more soothing than a decent alcoholic beverage. Worse is panicking and ordering something off the menu that you end up hating or just going with the first item you've heard of, even if you don't like it. Skimming a cocktail menu while a waitress looks you down or your Seamless delivery estimate climbs might be stressful, but nothing should be more calming than an excellent alcoholic beverage. Worse is panicking and ordering something from the menu that you don't like or just ordering the first thing you hear about, even if you don't like it. So here are two types of drinks on the list for each of the zodiac signs to choose and decide which one you want better. 

The drinks suggested by Sidhharrth S Kumaar founder, Numrovani is based on the aura of your zodiac signs

Aries: These drinks resonate with Aries very well; Aries is bold and ambitious, and so are these drinks.

  1. Vodka: Vodka is hands down the top in bar sales. But, like an Aries, a vodka drink also goes down faster than anything.
  2. Spicy Margarita: Aries seems to be a more impulsive and active sign. They should order a spicy margarita if they don't want shots.

Taurus: Taureans like resting in tranquil, bucolic settings surrounded by soft noises, soothing fragrances, and sumptuous flavours, just like their heavenly spirit animal proving that these drinks are just made for them

  1. Champagne: Taurus is absolutely champagne; Taurus is a slow and steady sign, so you have to pour champagne slowly and steadily to obtain the bubbles. It's elegant yet obstinate.
  2. French 75: Expensive but specific products appeal to Tauruses; a French 75 is a twist on a glass of sparkling wine is a drink made for Taurus.

Gemini: Gemini is a sign that is spontaneous, lively, and wonderfully unpredictable, motivated by its unquenchable curiosity, and so are these drinks, just like them and which suit their vibe genuinely.

  1. Beer: The lively, lighthearted attitude of Gemini is ideal for beer. There are many different kinds of beer—craft beer, porter, stout, IPAs matching Geminis' attitude and changing mood.
  2. Summer Spritz: Geminis continually alter their opinions and beliefs and follow trends. So, A fashionable drink like a spritz—something light and fizzy is perfect for Geminis.

Cancer: These drinks are perfect picks for a Cancerian because they have a strong sense of intuition, their psychic powers emerge in the physical world, and the glasses do justice to their character.

  1. Rosé: The emotional essence of Cancer lends itself to a glass of rosé. Wine is calming—it's a depressant, not an energizer; it's charming and comfy.
  2. Sangria: Cancers are home-oriented, and when you stay home and have a drink with pals, you want a great pitcher of sangria; I know you can't deny that.

Leo: These drinks and Leo both grab the spotlight; they complement each other. They're ecstatic and are part of the royals.

  1. Whiskey: Whiskeys are daring; They have to be seen all the time and be at the centre of attraction. It takes up some room, but it's one of the most daring items in the bar, with the most daring tastes. And Leos adore being in the spotlight!
  2. Espresso Martini: Because Leo is such a big and showy sign, they'll choose a more lavish cocktail like an espresso martini, Just something a bit off of the ordinary.

Virgo: Virgos are rational, practical, and systematic in their attitude to life. And these drinks sort and support this life approach.

  1. Cognac: Virgos aren't for everyone like cognac, which is good. They're just stunning. Cognac is perfection. It is well-liked and entertaining, but it is not often approachable.
  2. Vodka Soda: Virgos should have a vodka soda because it's essential, direct, and no-nonsense; they are just the perfect match.

Libra: Libra energy is defined by balance, harmony, and fairness. And so is the power of these drinks; to be honest, it is the best match for Libra.

  1. Gin and Tonic: Libras are all about balance, so a gin and tonic could be in order. They're imposing, well-balanced, spicy, and articulate. A gin and tonic is a sophisticated cocktail with a distinct flair.
  2. Mimosa: A mimosa is perfect for Libra since it's half and a half—two parts, very straightforward. Libra is also a high fashion and art-oriented sign, and a mimosa looks just perfect.

Scorpio: Scorpio gets its great bravery from its psychic talents, making it one of the zodiac's most complex and dynamic signs. So it can be said Scorpios are just extraordinary, and so are these drinks.

  1. Margarita: Scorpios are emotional, but they keep it hidden, because of which Margarita becomes the best choice for them. They're there, but you don't see them. So it can be said that Scorpio and Margarita are just a perfect match.
  2. Manhattan: Scorpios are the most enigmatic and bleak sign; they're more solitary, and Manhattan sets the tone.

Sagittarius: Sagittarians are continuously on the hunt for new ideas. They are Knowledge seekers, and these drinks complement their love and eagerness for knowledge.

  1. Tiki Cocktail: Sagittarians are like tiki cocktails—they have a shape, a backstory, and they can be downright terrible!
  2. Negroni: They're known for their interest in different cultures, so they choose a cocktail from another country, like the typical Italian negroni.

Capricorn: Capricorns are achievers, they love the rage of competition and believe in Fairplay, and they make sure to work their butt off to achieve their goals; these drinks certainly justify this approach of Capricorns.

  1. Mezcal: Mezcal is like Capricorn, ambitious, and If you're a drinker, you're a drinker; but, when you drink mezcal, you're like, Bitch, I'm sipping mezcal. Capricorns have a solid mindset and take responsibility for consuming a mezcal cocktail.
  2. Dry Martini: Capricorns are more straightforward than Virgos, They also work hard, so they may want something more potent to help them unwind.

Aquarius: Aquarius is the astrological sign associated with humanitarianism. They are healers and love to make people happy, and these drinks are just enough to keep them going. Although, to be honest, they are somewhat an overthinker and these drinks help them keep it calm.

  1. Absinthe: Absinthe has a distinct flavour; it's not bitter, it's not sweet, and it's linked with practicality, and so is our Aquarius.
  2. Paloma: The Aquarius individual tends to overthink things, so they need something light and refreshing, like a Paloma or tequila soda.

Pisces: Because it is the last of the final signs in the zodiac, Pisces is the wisest, sensitive, and compassionate. They are unique, and these drinks are indeed made for them.

  1. Red wine: Pisces, like Cancer, is a wine sign—in this instance, a crimson one. Red wine has much love in it, and it's creative; it is a giant embrace in a glass.
  2. Foaming Fairy: Pisces is a dreamy and mystical creature. So they'd want something that seems nearly magical, like this absinthe drink.

So come drink up and pick the drink that goes with your vibe!