Drinking Beer Might Be Good For Your Health, Find Out How!
Image Credit: Beer | Image Credit: Pixabay.com

From destressing after work to kicking off the weekend, from Netflix and chill to parties are none of your occasions complete without beer? But along with your beer crate is there a subconscious guilt following you around of getting a beer belly or gaining weight? Here are some facts which may help you get rid of this guilt forever!

Drinking beer in moderation may not be as harmful as you think, according to studies and doctors recommendation, the chilled beverage contains natural ingredients like grains and hops that make it quite diet friendly. Interestingly, also called as liquid bread, as it is more like a food than a beverage.

    Keeping in mind that excessive consumption of any alcohol will have negative and worse effects on your body and health, moderate consumption of a low-alcohol content beverage such as beer may just turn the tables. Beer is made of some of the most natural ingredients like wheat and barley and is the least processed alcohol with a comparatively shorter shelf-life too!

    Beer means hops, and this useful plant does more than just impart flavor. Hops contain xanthohumol which studies suggest lowers the chances of obesity. Hops are high in polyphenols, which are micronutrients we are unlikely to get from our diet

    Most beers contain 90% water as their primary ingredient and are high in nutrients such as soluble fibre and trace amounts of calcium and iron making it a much healthier option for combating obesity than other hard liquor due to its abundance of nutritional factors

A study by the Centre for Research in Health Technologies and Services (CINTESIS), a non- profit research and development unit in the city of Porto in northern Portugal, claimed that drinking beer is beneficial to the intestine because it contains certain elements like natural preservatives and close to zero to no fat and cholesterol that help make the gut healthier.

Dr. Kiran Rukadikar, Founder of DietQueen App says, “The younger generation is driven towards beer because of the fun element that the beverage is associated with. This is a much more educated and aware generation, which asks a lot of questions about the benefits or even harms of drinking alcohol. They want to consume liquor but in a controlled quantity and environment without getting drunk. Therefore, beer is an ideal choice for them to celebrate their youth.“

Beer is also the least processed beverage, making it low on preservatives and high on health. It’s nutritional values, brewing process and ingredients are all advocates for the beverage’s consumption to not be limited on just cheat days. Additionally, the low-alcohol percentage of beer also prevents communal harm turning you into a responsible drinker!

So, leave the guilt behind and make a run till your nearest liquor store to grab your favourite crate of beer now!