Don't Miss These Non-Veg Dishes At Kolkata's Iconic Eateries
Image Credit: Ilish paturi, experiencesofagastronomad

If you're planning to spend this Durga Puja in Kolkata, don't restrict your festive time only by pandal hopping. Ensure to visit a few well-known fancy-to-humble eateries to savour delicious non-vegetarian Bengali fare. You'll also find a few fusion grubs and modern marvels, along with the traditional kosha mangsho, chicken razala, ilish paturi, and chingri malaikari   . For many Bengalis, Durga Pujo is incomplete without a grand serving of non-vegetarian or aamish indigenous dishes. Food stops around the town go creative on their pujo platter to satiate the bong cravings.

Radhuni Murgi Tikka

Head to Monkey Bar at Fort Knox, 6 Camac Street, to taste it. This eatery is famed for its innovation in the culinary space. The festive menu includes radhuni murgi tikka with an apple, tomato chutney, and kasundi. Fish marinated in panch phoron and served with sour cream and purple cabbage salad is an alternative. Their inventiveness extends to classic dishes with a modern twist, such as pomegranate-topped moong and jowar pakoda chaat and tamarind chutney that has been marinated in rum.

Gondhoraj Fried Chicken

Gondhoraj murgi er jhol, Image Source: experiencesofagastronomad

Located at Park Street, LMNOQ, the rooftop restaurant offers a culinary feast with a breathtaking visual treat of the surroundings. Chicken curry or murgir jhol cooked with gondhoraj lebu or lemon has been around in Bengali cuisine. However, non-vegetarians cannot resist this eatery's festive special mutton dakbanglow and gondhoraj fried chicken. A variety of traditional delicacies, including chanar dalna, dhakai paratha, and mochar tiny cutlets, are available on its Pujo special menu. 

Smoked Hilsa

The meal at Kewpie, 2 Elgin Lane, has a distinctively homey feel. This year, for Durga Pujo, it has Thalas, which come in four varieties: "Pujor," "Sharodiya Amish," "Mahabhoj Niramish," and "Mahabhoj Amish." Try the Anglo-Indian meal Smoked Hilsa for an a la carte order. Eat it to experience it. Deboning the hilsa requires specialised skills and expertise. Other non-vegetarian options include the traditional Chitol Petir Jhol, which incorporates East Bengali flavours, and ilish paturi.


Posto Murgi

Posto chicken, Image Source: archanaskitchen

Located at JBS Haldane Ave, Tangra, JW Marriott has gone all out this year for its "Durga Puja Mahabhoj" event. The menu serves authentic Bengali delicacies, including echor er dalna.  However, posto murgi is the highlight among non-vegetarians. Other choices include gondhoraj fish tikka,  shorshe maach and typical Kolkata-style chicken biryani. If these dishes impress you, host an intimate dining experience for up to 10 people if you enjoy these foods.

Murshidabadi Grilled Bhekti

6 Ballygunge Place is a must-visit in Kolkata for tasting authentic Bengali cuisine. There are six outlets across the city, and with the arrival of Durga Pujo, the menus have become lavish. The restaurant brand has both pujo thali and pujo buffet in its different outlets. The buffet focuses on underrated facets of Bengali gastronomy and has Murshidabadi Grilled Bhekti, Dum Handi Mangsho, and Dhakai Pora Murgi. In contrast, the thali retains traditional flavours. One can relish Bhetki Paturi and Bhapa Hilsa, apart from vegetarian grubs.