Don't Let The Dry Fruits Go Stale, Use These Storing Tips

Given all of its health advantages, dry fruits are frequently referred to as "superfoods." We seek out methods of incorporating them into our regular diet because they are abundant in vital nutrients, vitamins, and proteins. You can meet some dietary needs with just a handful of almonds each day. This causes us to purchase them in huge quantities. However, they might spoil with time and cease to provide the same advantages as recently purchased dry fruits if they are not properly maintained after purchase. Because of this, it's crucial to store them in a manner that keeps them fresh for a longer time. Do you have any questions about how to do that? You may improve the shelf life of dry goods by following these simple tips. 

Keep them airtight  

The first and most crucial step in making sure freshly purchased dried fruits last a long time is to store them in airtight containers. They have less oxygen contact as a result, which keeps them crisp and fresh. Furthermore, it lessens the chance of their drying out. 

Away from Sunlight 

The majority of individuals like to keep their dry fruits and nuts in the kitchen. However, be sure to keep them cold and dry because storing them in a location with direct sunlight will cause them to soon go rancid. 

Toast and store 

Toasting dry fruit is another excellent way to increase its shelf life. In order to rapidly have fresh dry fruits, simply roast your dry fruits in the oven for 4-5 minutes the next time you notice they are about to go bad. If you don't have an oven, you may also softly roast them on a pan. 

Use glass jars 

Dry fruit storage requires more than just a cold, dry environment. In comparison to plastic containers, glass jars allow dry fruits to keep fresher for longer. By keeping the temperature inside constant, opaque glass jars aid with flavour retention. 

Freezing the dry fruits 

When maintained in the freezer as opposed to the refrigerator, dry fruits stay longer. This is because the cool temperature prevents the development of enzymes that could hasten the deterioration of the fruits. Additionally, freezing the dry fruits keeps their nutrients intact. Here are some suggestions to help you keep your dried fruits for a longer amount of time: 

It's simple to store your dry fruits in the freezer by packing them in a container, putting the container in the freezer, and letting it sit there for a while. However, you might want to pause before placing the dry fruits in the freezer because freezing changes their flavour and texture. 

Here's why it might not be a good idea to freeze your dry fruits: 

Your dry fruits won't be able to hold much water if you put them in the freezer since they will freeze into ice. The fruit will lose more of its nutritious content as well as suffer damage from oxidation that takes place during freezing the longer it is kept frozen. You must first wash your dry fruits with water before freezing them. After that, freeze the fruit completely by placing it in a dish with ice and water for just 20 minutes. The texture and flavour of the dry fruits are also preserved during this technique.