Indian cuisine is influenced by numerous other international cuisines and vice versa. Some of the most widely savoured and loved Indian dishes have their roots in other countries. The various states of India share a lot of cooking methods, flavours and methods of preparations with countries around the world.  

If you have ever visited any authentic Nepalese restaurant in the northeast, you must have realized the resemblance of most food items with Indian cuisine. From the staple dal and bhaat to our most loved street food- momos, Indian and Nepalese cuisines have a lot in common. But do you know there’s more to Nepali cuisine than just dal, bhaat and momos? In which case, you need to familiarise yourself with ‘Thakali Khana’. Thakali Khana is an authentic Nepali platter consisting of rice, dal, some pickles, some delicacies made with buckwheat, authentic Nepali curries and a dollop of ghee. Most non-veg curries are made with dried goat and yak meat and are served with pickles of ingredients that are exclusively available in Nepal and some parts of the Northeast. Did the bubble of your desire to savour an authentic Thakali Khana platter burst in a millisecond? We do understand. But what if we tell you that you can enjoy these flavours at your home? Excited much? Read on to know-how. 

Easiest Way To Build A Thakali Platter At Home 

Our Thakali Khana platter typically consists of seven different food items. Take a lunch plate and serve a bowl of steamed long-grained rich along with a dollop of ghee. Take three bowls and fill one of them with black lentil soup, the second one with regular dal and the third with typical Indian mutton or chicken curry with a rich gravy. You can make Gundruk pickle by following the embedded recipe. Gundruk pickle is basically made by dehydrating leafy vegetables and rehydrating them again. The fifth item will be ‘Mulo Ko Achar’ or radish pickle that is widely available in most mainstream grocery stores. Next, add a spoonful of spicy tomato chutney that you can make easily at home. Kacchyamba or buckwheat finger chips are an important element of Thakali Khana platter. Add buckwheat flour in a pan full of hot water and cook until it reaches the consistency of a thick gruel. Let it cool down a little and shape the dough into finger-size chips and deep-fry before serving hot.  

Now that you know what all you can add to your Thakali Khana platter, nobody should stop you from relishing a wholesome Nepali meal at home. Try making this platter at home and let us know how you like it.