Diwali 2022: Sweeten Up Your Celebrations With Condensed Milk

It's time for the festival of lights! It's that time of year when homes all throughout the country are decorated with lovely lamps, artwork, and fireworks. Sweets are the one common factor that ties Diwali together and makes it extra memorable. During Diwali, households all over the world show the most exquisite lighting, and guests are always greeted with a variety of delectable home-made sweets! You're probably wondering why you should bake desserts at home when you can just buy them from a store of sweets. Well, there's just something extremely unique about the warmth and affection of homemade desserts that you can't get in desserts you buy at the store. And by using these recipes, you may master the art of cooking without having to learn any complicated techniques! Discover simple methods for some classic favourites as well as other brand-new dishes made with condensed milk that are guaranteed to impress your loved ones as you read on! 

By greatly reducing the water content of the cow's milk by evaporation, condensed milk is produced. Sweetened condensed milk is created by combining reduced milk with sugar. It is thick, filling, creamy, and naturally sweet. Here is how to use it to make quick and easy sweets for you and your loved ones.

Chocolate barfi 

If you believe that the festive season is not the best time to celebrate your love of chocolate, think again! You wouldn't want to miss the amazing combination of the popular barfis and the exquisite flavour of chocolate. Some claim that preparing food including chocolate is challenging. But you are aware of what we say, right? When you have our user-friendly condensed milk on hand, making dessert is never a challenge. So prepare to experiment and give this simple Deepawali sweet a shot. 


During the festive season, did your guests consume too many delicious foods? Do you need a delicious treat that is creamy but not overly heavy, easy on the stomach, and effective? In that case, a batch of delectable rabdi is a definite winner. The festive delight is spiced up with this milk-based dessert that appeals to everyone and offers a pleasant change of flavours and textures.  Numerous childhood memories frequently surface when one hears or sees Rabdi. If you make a great desi Rabri recipe, you can recall those feelings on a leisurely evening. Any craving can be quenched with a bowl of desi rabdi. From the comfort of your home, recreate the treat that your favourite sweet store used to sell. A desi Rabdi recipe isn't as difficult to follow as it might sound, especially if you're making it with condensed milk. This simple desi Rabdi dessert, which is delicious and enjoyable to create, will remind you of your younger years. Don't forget the additional benefit of watching the smiles on the faces of all your loved ones as they eat something delicious that you created! 

Coconut Mawa Firecracker 

Are there any firecrackers that are colourful, delicious, and noise-free without causing pollution? You did read that correctly. This year for Diwali, these Coconut Mawa Firecrackers are likely to become a kid favourite! Use clean, hygienic, fresh Mawa, desiccated coconut, and  condensed milk for all of your Diwali desserts without worrying any longer! For a fun-filled Diwali preparation period, try creating this dish with your kids! 


People enjoy consuming large quantities of the Rasmalai's cool, juicy, and pillowy soft balls before others do. Everyone feels that way about their bowl of rasmalai. Everyone wants to keep all of the dessert to themselves since it is so alluring. Rasmalai, a traditional and delectable Bengali dessert, is made by soaking mouthwatering cottage cheese balls in luxuriously rich, sweetened milk. Enjoying the richness of this decadent dessert is the ideal way to cap off a spectacular lunch. You've come to the right place if you enjoy this delicate and light sweet dessert. You may create this dessert at home if you have a good recipe for rasmalai. Additionally, there is no need for any side dishes with this lovely dessert. Condensed milk will help you make your Rasmalai soft and creamy, and the correct components are all you need to produce a delectable Rasmalai. 


This traditional treat lives up to its name in every way; it is incredibly creamy! This Diwali mithai is really easy to make and only requires a few ingredients, including milk, corn flour, ghee, dairy milk, and of course, the essential condensed milk. With this combination, you may quickly impress friends and family by working some magic. They won't be able to go on, we guarantee.