Chhattisgarh’s Traditional Sweets To Try This Diwali
Image Credit: Image: Anarsa (Youtube/Tick Tock Kitchen)

Diwali is the biggest and most awaited festival for Hindus. This festival comes with a lot of happiness, enthusiasm, and of course indulgence in tasty food. Though Diwali is celebrated in every state of India, the celebrations and food are not alike. Every state offers a different set of food, especially desserts. In this piece, we are going to talk about a very special state Chhattisgarh and its traditional desserts for Diwali. 

Just like any other state, people in Chhattisgarh also celebrate Diwali with great zeal and fervour. Because of being an agriculture-dominated state, many sweets in the state are made of wheat and rice. Let us take you through some of the traditional sweets of Chhattisgarh that you must try this Diwali.


Among many famous desserts from the state, Dehrori is made up of rice. Made from soaked rice, these are rice discs fried till golden brown and soaked in sugar syrup. If you are in Chhattisgarh this Diwali or you want Chhattisgarh feels at any other place, this is a perfect dessert.

                                          Image credits: Youtube/Shweta Phansalkar


This is another famous traditional sweet made up of rice, curd, and sugar. This dessert doesn’t take too much time in getting ready but tastes delicious. This so simple dessert is a Diwali specialty of the state, and everyone should try it at least once.


Another Diwali special dessert from the state is Anarsa. It is not just made in Chhattisgarh but in other states like Maharashtra and Bihar. Made up of soaked rice flour and jaggery, these little delights are covered with poppy seeds. You can also refer to it as a rice-based Indian biscuit. 

Pooran Laddo

Pooran ladoos are sweet balls made with wheat roasted in ghee and coated with sweet bundi. Not just Diwali, this sweet is quite significant to other important events in the state like weddings and pujas. 


Another traditional Diwali special dessert from the state is Papchi. Made from whole wheat flour, these discs are coated in sugar syrup. It is a go-to Diwali dessert from the state that we must know about.

                                    Image credits: Youtube/Recipes for all

These were some of the desserts that we chose for you. I believe many people would not even know about these treats. But that’s what we are here for. Do let us know which of these desserts have you tasted!! Have a cheerful and blissful Diwali.