Exploring The Tribal Flavours Of Chhattisgarh
Image Credit: iStock, Tribal local food from Chhattisgarh

Do you know that that tribal flavours from Chhattisgarh have made to Gordon Ramsay's menu? yes you heard it right Dona Pudge and Chapda chutney made it’s way on the Micheal stars menu. Such is this amazing cuisine. Renowned homestay owner and tour guide of Manjhipal ,Rajnish Panikar says his wife, Urmila Nag Panikar, a native of Bastar, had prepared these dishes for Ramsay, which got him hooked to them. 

Recently on Labour Day, Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel appealed to the citizens via a video message to consume 'Bore Baasi' mentioning that it is good for health. Bore Baasi happens to be cooked fermented rice, that is an absolute coolant and comforting dish that is consumed in summer months in eastern states. CM along with his cabinet was seen relishing Bore Baasi.

Mandiya Pej


Page is one of the most nutritious recipes. It may be the Jondhra page or the Mandia page. Jondhara page corn grains are ground in a dheki to make the porridge powdered. Afterwards, corn powder is added to the boiled corn porridge. Similarly, Mandia (RAGI) is ground into stones and powdered.

If you want to experience these awesome regional delights make a visit to Batsar.