Disha Patani's Korean BBQ Adventure Leaves Her Excited
Image Credit: Disha Patani/Instagram, The actor loves exploring new cuisines.

Disha Patani entered the Bollywood scene by starring opposite superstar Tiger Shroff and has since pursued roles in action-based films. As one of the many food enthusiasts in the film industry, the 30-year-old actor enjoys sharing glimpses of her culinary experiences and personal life with her fans on social media.

While she was mesmerized by the beauty of a fruity toast from yesterday’s breakfast, today she’s all set to hit the streets with a unique Korean dining experience. Disha recently posted a few pictures on her Instagram stories. The first picture was that of Disha with two team members, and on this, she wrote, "Big meal and happy faces."

Source: Screengrab of Instagram stories/Disha Patani

Next up, we see a wok full of a seafood stew with boiled eggs. On the side were a plate of grilled and barbequed chicken pieces and a few condiments. In the story that followed, she wrote, "Korean bbq!! Let’s goo... .." And her emoji-filled caption was enough to suggest how thrilled she was to try this new experience. In the image, there is a steel-based grilling setup at the centre and the traditional Korean accompaniments are arranged in a circular pattern around it.

There was broccoli, radish, rice, noodles, tofu, meat, salmon, and a host of other veggie and seafood options that you could grill and barbecue. On the other end of the table was a huge bowl of salad. The entire spread looked tempting, and we can’t wait to try something like this ourselves too.