A crispy fresh croissant when dunked in to a cup of hot chocolate or coffee, can be one of the best bites that you’ll ever have, throughout your day. A croissant is a buttery, flaky pastry named after their historical crescent shape. The dough of this treat is layered with butter, rolled and folded several times in succession, then rolled into a thin sheet such that it melts in your mouth. The entire process of baking a croissant, results in a layered, flaky textured treat, similar to a puff pastry. Croissants can be found in bakeries all across India and have become one of the best selling breakfast item for many a bakeries in the urban areas of the country. 

Love for croissant is shared by certain Bollywood celebrities also. Many of these stars have posted photos of this delectable puff pastry to their social media handles, time and again. Of late, Disha Patani is on a European vacation, and has been sharing sumptuous photos of the food she has been gorging on. Croissant and coffee has featured on this star’s Instagram story many times. Not only did Disha share photos of croissants, but also gave us a sneak peek in to other baked delights through her Instagram stories. Ice-cream has also found a soft spot in Disha’s heart and the actress has been enjoying various flavours of the dessert on her trip. 

Credit: Disha Patani's Instagram

While many of us wish we were in Disha’s shoes right now, here are a few quick hacks to recreate Disha’s chocolate croissants and more. All you need to do prepare for an interesting French breakfast is buy some croissant from your nearest bakery, and spruce them up in the following ways: 

Hazelnut spread: Nutella will be a hit if paired along with a croissant. The creaminess and sweetness of this spread will induce a lot of flavour in to the otherwise plain croissant. As Nutella is quite thick and strong in taste, be careful as to not over layer your pastry. For the best way to make sure you spread only a thin layer across your croissant, spread the Nutella on a the middle of the pastry and using a butter knife glide the topping across the bread. Alternatively, you could thin Nutella down before spreading it by heating it up so that it becomes runny and smooth. 


Ice cream: The weather calls for a frozen dessert to be devoured immediately! What can be better than pairing your croissant with an ice cream? The warm croissant mixed with the cold ice cream is guaranteed to give you a flavour packed yummy kick. All you need to do to make this treat is cut your croissant open and pile in a scoop of your favourite ice cream. While you sandwich the ice cream within the croissant, if things get messy, that just means this pairing is going to be a wonderful experience. 

Credit: Instagram/klaraslife

Hotdogs: Pairing hotdogs with anything at all is a recipe for success. Similar to pig in a blanket, pairing hotdogs with croissant is going to make for a yummy snack. In order to take this up a notch, you can spread marinara sauce in between your croissant and then put the cooked small hotdog sausages. Adding caramelized onions on top is going to make this a complete meal! Feel free to use ketchup, mayo, mustard sauce or any of your favourite spreads instead of marinara sauce, is you so like. 

Instagram/paulo.bairan and Instagram/norasma898

Pepperoni: When we say pepperoni, the first thing that would come to your mind is inarguably pizza. However as a croissant filling this little ingredient is a terrific flavour punch. Layer your croissant with cooked pepperoni and top it with shredded mozzarella. Pop it in the microwave for a minute such that the cheese melts and enjoy this yummy treat. 

Credit: concept.uae

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