Disha Patani Swears By Her Cup Of Arabic Coffee On Dubai Trip

Disha Patani’s love for fitness knows no bounds but the actress makes sure to get in her daily dose of caffeine, no matter where she is. Since her work takes her all over the world, the actress seems to have developed a taste for local beverages that are an upgrade from the boring coffees that most of us are used to downing each day. Arriving in Dubai during the wee hours today, Disha posted a picture of her cup of coffee, as well as what appeared to look like a couple of chocolate cookies.

Captioning the photograph of her morning beverage, the actress said, “Arabic coffee is the best.” While it comes as no surprise that the beverage has yet another fan, what makes this coffee special is the manner in which the beans are roasted, where it is darkened just before grinding and serving to guests. The addition of cardamom also gives this coffee an amazing scent and flavour, unlike most other coffees around the world which normally have cinnamon in them.

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Spices like saffron and cloves are also added as per personal preferences and as the preparation styles vary from one region of the Middle East to another. Arabic coffee, unlike most other brews, tends to have a deep brown colour, due to the slow-roasting process which allows the beans to gradually develop flavour. Also known as qawah sadah, Arabic coffee is typically consumed at breakfast or as a leisurely beverage throughout the day. Many traditions in the Middle East also revolve around pouring the coffee for guests, which is considered to be a sign of warm hospitality.