Diljit Dosanjh Is Very Impressed By ‘72 Types Of Veggies’ On His Pizzas
Image Credit: Instagram @diljitdosanjh | Diljit Dosanjh Is Very Impressed By ‘72 Types Of Veggies’ On His Pizzas

Actor, and singer Diljit Dosanjh who is currently touring for promoting his new album, isn’t leaving any stone unturned to entertain his fans on social media too with his backstage shenanigans. At times he is goofing around with his crew, and at times cooking. Diljit does seem to like cooking a lot, what we also enjoy as much as his cooking is his hilarious Punjabi commentary in the background. He is one of the funniest celebrities on Instagram and he proved it yet again in another video he posted recently on Instagram stories. Diljit wasn’t cooking this time, but relishing the pizzas he had ordered with his friends.  

First, he gave us a glimpse of the sauces and dips that came alongside. “36 prakaar de masalay, badiya badiya sauca de rang (can you see the 36 kinds of seasonings and dips,my friends)”, he said in the video. “enade which dubo dubo ke khaa jaange...chadenge koi nai( we will dip everything in these and spare no box of pizza)”, he later commented.

In his next story, he showed us the delicious pizzas loaded with veggies like bell peppers, olives et al, making Diljit quip. “36 prakaar de sauca te e 72 prakaar de vegetable paake khaa jaange (we will dip these 72 types of veggies in these 36 types of dips and finish everything”)”, he commented trying hard to muffle his laughter. Further, he also criticized the “bada jhoomar” or the chandelier hanging on the ceiling that effectively failed to illuminate the room, and bring focus to the veggies on the pizza.  

We do not know about you, but all this talk about pizzas and toppings has made us very hungry. Here are 4 veg pizzas you can try at home soon

Tandoori paneer pizza: Smoky tandoori paneer cubes on a soft pizza base, slathered over with cheese, bell pepper and a creamy sauce that will get you hooked. It does not get yummier than this.

Rainbow Pizza: Fancy more colours? Try this delish rainbow pizza, made with oranges, grape tomatoes, red bell peppers, yellow bell peppers and more. This is hands down the prettiest pizza you have ever seen or tasted.

Mushroom pizza: Spongy, delectable mushrooms, bring a lovely chewiness to this pizza that is full of textures and flavours. It has all your favourite toppings, serve it hot for the best experience.

Pesto pizza: Pizza with a hint of fresh pesto? You’d never know what a game-changer it can be until you try it. Cherry tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and corn make the pizza all the more wholesome and flavourful.

Try one of these pizza recipes soon and let us know how you liked it. Do not forget to share the pictures with us.