Difference Between Stuffing And Dressing And  How To Master Both
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We are very close to the year end and that means it's time for the holiday and festival season. This is the time of the year when all of us try making new types of recipes at home. Dressing and stuffing both are very important processes in making a lot of recipes. While preparing your Thanksgiving dinner or setting a menu for a barbeque party, either of these are used in preparing some or the other recipe. Many people assume that stuffing and dressing are the same things. Well, this is not the truth and both of these are very different from each other. Let's look at how these two are different from each other.

What Is Stuffing?

Stuffing is a seasoned mixture of a variety of ingredients that you want to include. This can be your bread, vegetables, meat, fruits, or any other thing of your choice. Sometimes it's a mixture of all the ingredients stated above. These are mixed well and seasoned with the spices of choice. Typically, it is used to fill something from the inside. It can be a sandwich, a cavity of a turkey, chicken or tortillas. We hope that you have been able to understand what stuffing means and that it makes more sense to you now. 

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What Is Dressing?

Dressing as a word isn't as obvious as the word stuffing is. Typically your dressing can have the same ingredients as your stuffing, but it is generally cooked in a big casserole dish instead of being inside something. The process of making your dressing is less complicated and because of its direct interaction with heat, It always tastes really good. Generally, people love having crunchy toppings as their dressing. This may include breadcrumbs and small croutons made out of corn. The dressing is usually crunchier and more flavourful than your stuffing. 

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Difference Between Dressing And Stuffing

Dressing is a term that appeared in the early 1850s when Victorian nobles stopped using the word stuffing as it sounded too offensive to them. This is one of the reasons why you can understand why stuffing and dressing have so many similarities when it comes to the usage of ingredients. You can simply understand the difference between the two by barely looking at the cooking methods. Stuffing is a self-explanatory word which means stuffing a mixture of ingredients inside something.

Dressing on the other hand is cooked separately even though it uses the same ingredients as stuffing. So the major difference lies between the cooking techniques. A lot of times you will see people mincing these two as the real difference is not clear to many.

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How to Master Your Stuffing?

Stuffing should be prepared extremely carefully as it can make or break the flavours of your turkey or chicken. It has to be a little savoury and sweet to hit that perfect balance. If your stuffing is right, then you can make the most simple recipes a spectacular hit among your family. Make sure that your stuffing is always moist and that all the ingredients that you are using are extremely fresh. You can use a lot of butter to make everything moist and add that extra flavour of fat and salt to your ingredients. Also, try to use ingredients that get easily cooked and become soft. As your stuffing will be inside the chicken or turkey, everything must become edible and chewy.

You can also add some chicken, turkey or vegetable stock inside your stuffing to make it more moist. Adding white or red wine can also be a great idea as it compliments the flavours of stock well. The type of bread you use in your stuffing is also a determining factor in how moist and fresh your stuffing will taste. Always choose a day-old or toasted bread as it will ensure maximum moisture absorption.

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How to Master Your Dressing?

A lot of people prefer making dressing because it ensures a more flavourful concoction of ingredients that you use in the recipe. Dressing always leaves room for plenty of experiments and you can use a variety of sources and other ingredients like chestnuts, cherries, and dried apricots. You can also use other things like figs and golden apples if you want to have that extra sweet flavour in your dressing. Dressing allows you to incorporate seasonal fruits and vegetables. So make sure that you do justice to the opportunity. Add a lot of herbs and just like stuffing make sure that you add the meat or vegetable stock to your dressing to retain moisture.

For dressing, you can use fresh bread as you can make it crunchy while heating it on low flame. As you have more room for experiments, you can also try different types of sauces like barbeque or Chipotle. You can also try making some homemade sauce or hummus to add to your dressing. 

We hope that you have been able to understand the major difference between dressing and stuffing.