Vegan Cold Jelly Noodles Recipe That Have Gone Viral in China

Unique in both taste and presentation, Chinese food has gained worldwide renown. Vegan cold jelly noodles, a light and refreshing dish ideal for the warmer months, are one of the latest food fads to emerge. Plant-based components are used to make these cold noodles, which are then paired with a wide range of condiments. The combination of flavours in this meal is quite excellent, and the jelly-like texture of the noodles is a delightfully unexpected addition. This trendy meal of cold jelly noodles is a must-try for everyone who wants to experience something new and different while also feeling fulfilled and refreshed. 

Here’s a recipe 

Peel a skinny cucumber after cleaning. Now add the peels into a blender with some water. Pass it through a strainer to a pot. Add corn starch or mung bean starch. Cook on low heat continuously till it becomes thick and smooth. Let it sit for a while to cool down. Now using a grater, shred them into long noodles. To cook this, heat oil in a pan, add garlic, green onion, red chilli, soy sauce, black vinegar, chili oil, salt and sugar and coriander. Gently give a good stir to mix it well. It's done to be served.  

These noodles are distinguished by their jelly-like and slippery feel. Smooth and bouncy texture is achieved by using substances like cornflour or sweet potato starch. When served cold or at room temperature, the noodles take on a more refreshing quality. 

The adaptability of these noodles is what makes them stand out. They're versatile enough to serve as an easygoing starter, hearty main course, or flavorful accompaniment to other dishes. The meal also allows for a high degree of customization in terms of toppings and sauces, which is a major selling point. 

Vegan cold jelly noodles are a fun and fresh new twist on traditional Chinese fare. Their appealing combination of healthy plant-based components with a light, crisp flavour profile has made them a global sensation among foodies.