Did You Know: Utensils Affects The Taste Of Your Dish

For a painter, the quality and type of brush he uses are very essential, as the outcome of his effort really depends on the kind of bristle puts on his canvas. Just like painting cooking is also an art, the combination of different ingredients when correctly cooked can give birth to a masterpiece. Therefore, it is very important to check on the utensils which you are using in your kitchen.

Madhumitha Udaykumar, COO and Co-founder, The Indus Valley adds "Living in a highly health conscious world, today, a good quality cookware has become as important as the ingredients we use in preparing our food. Talking about the various options available, nonstick cookware remains the most harmful category. It doesn’t only degrade food quality but also affects health conditions as it does not support high temperatures and burns down the dishes.

Hence, when it comes to making or breaking a dish, using stainless steel cookware or cast iron range is advisable as it supports even heating and fast cooking. Plus, it prevents food burning and sticking to the surface, preserving nutrients and natural flavours. The Indus Valley Tri-ply cookware makes tastier food when compared to normal utensils or nonstick cookware.

Salt to curry and sugar to a dessert, the requirement of every dish is different from each other. In the same way, the kind of utensils required for every dish is different from each other. Either it can make the diners appreciate your cooking skills or even can ruin your hard work.

Here are the reasons why it's necessary to use the right utensils in your cooking:

1. Using Correct Can Save Your Time:

Who can understand the importance of time-saving better than mothers of school-going kids? The rush in the morning, when your neighbors enjoy the sunrise, you are here in the kitchen cooking. Using the right pot or pan is very necessary to cook meals on time.

2. Using Right Cooking Utensils Adds To The Taste

Yes, you heard it right. Utensils affect the taste of your dish. It is easier to prepare the ingredients with the correct utensils. For example; If you are making a cake, the right measurement of sugar, flour, and corn starch is necessary to make it delicious. Without the correct measurements, the texture and flavour of your cake will not be up to mark. And the most important is using the correct pot, which has good thermal conductivity and is oven-safe.

3. Cooking Becomes Easier With Correct Utensils

Cooking with correct utensils is more fun and comfortable. As some technical recipes are hard to improvise with and also it makes it easier to stick to the recommended cooking time. Not using correct utensils can also over or under cook your food.

4. Helps In Food Presentation

Every professional chef uses proper cutlery for serving his dish to the diners. It really influences their mindset and they enjoy the food more. And even the cooking shows rate the presentation skills of their participants.

Are you confused, about where to start with? Here are few tricks that will help you:

  • Lighter Utensils Can Make Your Food Look Richer

It is often advised to keep the spoons lighter as it makes the dish look denser and also impacts the taste.

  • Heavier The Utensil Sweeter The Dish Appears

Always use small spoons to serve a sweet dish and large spoons for savoury dishes like soup. You would have noticed that small spoons are often used for desserts and stirring sugar into tea or coffee.

  •  Fancy Utensils Doesn’t Make Any Difference

You need not spend money on fancy utensils, as they do not a huge difference rather focus on the pots you use and your presentation style.

Cooking is an art and it takes time to become a pro. According to a study in the journal Flavour, the choice of utensils can influence how food tastes and it also affects how much you can eat. So, follow these tips and enjoy your cooking.