Dhakai Porota: Have You Tried This Century-Old Bread Recipe?
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Indian cuisine is a potpourri of different regional cuisines. We have a diverse range of regional cuisines, each with its own distinct flavour, ranging from Kashmir to various South Indian cuisines. Bengali cuisine is a distinct cuisine that is as rich as the state itself. The cuisine offers a combination of subtle and fiery flavours making it an absolute treat for the taste buds. Contrary to the popular notion that Bengali cuisine is all about fish delicacies like the classic macher jhol or sorsebata ilish mach, the cuisine also has tantalising jhal muri, comforting shukto, and lip-smacking begun bhaja. These dishes are popular not just in India but all around the world. Dhakai porota or paratha is a type of bread that originated in present-day Dhaka, Bangladesh, and goes well with dum aloo or cholar dal.

This laccha paratha-like bread is an almost century-old Bengali delicacy from the undivided state of Bengal, which is today’s West Bengal, India, and Bangladesh. And, while the authenticity and knowledge of this dish have dwindled over time, there are people who refuse to let the trend of fusion foods destroy their traditions and practices. And so Dhakai Porota is popularly found on the streets of old parts of north Kolkata and the streets of Dhaka, Bangladesh, even today.

Dhakai Porota with its big size, fluffy yet flaky texture, and layers, resembles a laccha paratha but belongs to the family of luchi. One can safely call it a cross between luchi and lachha paratha. This layered paratha can be cooked on a tawa or deep-fried like a poori. Dhakai Porota is made with all-purpose flour and has a hollow centre in the middle. It is a filling meal when paired with aloo cholar dal and any Bengali mishti, such as rasmalai, sandesh, or sondesh. It makes for a perfect weekend lunch!

How To Make Bengali-Style Dhakai Porota

Make a smooth dough with the all-purpose flour, roll it gently and repeatedly to form spiral layers, make a small hole, and deep fry until golden brown. While the process may sound easy, it requires precision and patience. And so, we’ve got a detailed recipe right here.

Click here for the complete Bengali-style dhakai paratha recipe. Try this recipe at home and share your experience with us.