The whole world is celebrating dessert day with immense joy so let's do it too. Dessert day is celebrated every year on 14th October, where on this day, dessert lovers are genuinely the happiest souls alive. There’s only a day in the entire year when we get to treat ourselves with as many decadent desserts as we want without anyone stopping us. Of course, when you think of desserts, France is undoubtedly the ultimate destination for beautiful desserts. This year let’s get you into trying something new and different. Indulge with us in the heavenly delights from Canada that are ultimately irresistible and incompatible from the desserts of every other country. Here are a few to try.

1. Nanaimo Bars

Nanaimo bars are popular triple-layered bar desserts that originated from Canada. Unlike many desserts, these Nanaimo bars require no baking. Instead, these wafer bars have three layers having a coconut base with custard icing in the middle and a topping of chocolate ganache. Namanio bars are known to be one of the classic Canadian desserts that are pretty impressive and delicious.

2. Butter Tarts

Butter tarts are mini pastries, having a pillow-like softness with a crunchy top. They are considered to be Canada’s quisessnetail treats that are a must to try from Canadian cuisine. These sweet tarts consist of a pleasing filling of butter, sugar, maple syrup, and eggs baked to perfection in a pastry shell.

3. Saskatoon Pie

Saskatoon pie originated in the Prairies region of Canada which is now counted in the list of must-have Canadian desserts. This pie is typically made with a batch of fresh blueberries and is usually served with vanilla ice cream as an incredible dessert that gets one drooling every time, just by a single glance. It’s indeed a lovely treat to sate your cravings. Here's the recipe if you want to try.

4. Pouding chômeur

Pouding chomeur is another delicate yet toothsome dessert created by female workers in a factory in Canada during the Great Depression years. It is a type of cake baked with a topping of hot maple syrup or caramel. The cake then rises with the caramel that settles down, creating a distinct layer.